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Kalmah - They Will Return (8/10) - Finland - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 41:31
Band homepage: Kalmah


  1. Hollowheart
  2. Swamphell
  3. Principle Hero
  4. Human Fates
  5. They Will Return
  6. Kill The Idealist
  7. The Blind Leader
  8. My Nation
  9. Skin O' My Teeth (MEGADETH cover)
Kalmah - They Will Return
Ah, KALMAH are back and there have been some changes in the Finns' camp! Altti Vetelšinen and Petri Sankala have quit to further-on concentrate only on ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW, leaving Pasi Hiltula as last remaining connection, hopefully laying all rumours about it being only a project to rest.

But also musically they are treading a little different paths. No, they have not changed dramatically, but the CHILDREN OF BODOM-influences, which had been pretty obvious still on the debut "Swamplord", mostly have dissipated, which surely has done the sound of the Finns only good. Of course the basic ingredients still are the same, variable Melodic Death Metal with musically at times quite strong Heavy Metal-list, some intricate keyboards and really harsh vocals are the menu in 2002, too.

The song-structures altogether are a lot more variable than before, the tempo finds a lot more variation as well, from blasts to quite measured passages, and the keyboards at times have a leading role, yet without pushing to the foreground, the performance itself also has grown a good bit tighter than on "Swamplord". Especially the drums by Janne Kusmin are great!

Just listen to "Swamphell", the driving "Principle Hero", the great title-track or the MEGADETH-cover "Skin O' My Teeth" and become witnesses of the evolution of KALMAH, who out themselves as another hopeful band from the vastness of Finland!

Alexander Melzer

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