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Gorefest - Chapter 13 (9/10) - Netherlands - 1998

Genre: Death Rock
Label: Steamhammer
Playing time: 51:20
Band homepage: Gorefest


  1. Chapter 13
  2. Broken Wing
  3. Nothingness
  4. Smile
  5. The Idiot
  6. Repentance
  7. Bordello
  8. F.S 2000
  9. All Is Well
  10. Unsung
  11. Burn Out
  12. Super Reality
  13. Serve The Masses
Gorefest - Chapter 13

After getting the delightful message about GOREFEST's comeback I just had to write a review for one of their CD's. Since there already was done some reviews, I had to pick “Chapter 13”. There's nothing wrong with that I can assure you, “False” and “Chapter 13” are my two favourite albums from GOREFEST.


GOREFEST started as a gore band, which can easily be seen on their choice of name. Later on in their career their name didn't fit them to well, just listen to the record “Soul Survivor” and you hear what I mean. The name was no problem for me of course, because I already knew what GOREFEST where capable of (and still is I hope). But for people not familiar with the band, I guess the name itself could turn some one off. Only the record “Mindloss” can be considered as a Gore related album. Already on their next record, “False”, they started to get more mature (I like many gore bands) and started writing about social topics. Later on in their career they implanted some Rock'n’Roll groove into their music, and they made it sound great. I think that GOREFEST deserved more than they achieved and I really hope they are coming back to kick some ass.


 We all go down, and I love every minute, these are the words that “Chapter 13” starts with. This feeling saturates the whole album, making it perfect for one of those fucked up days. This is really powerful music, not forgetting the great vocals. Jan Chris has one of Death Metal's most noticeable growls, though he has a lot more variation in his voice on “Chapter 13” than he had on any other of their releases. Every word is understandable yet so aggressive it makes you want to scream your throat out.


GOREFEST manages to bring in some slide guitars on “Broken Wings” without sounding country. It just shows off their brilliant use of every instrument they can get their hands on. Boudewijn Bonebakker has to be one of the most skilled guitar players in the world today, in my ears he is better than Jimi Hendrix. I know it's an established fact that Jimi Hendrix was and still is the best guitar player the world has heard. I think that is just fucking nonsense, in my point of view he was a guitar pioneer and a legendary one too, but not the greatest player this world has made.


Smile is the first song where Jan Chris De Koeijer uses clean vocals as a large part of the song. It's not like power metal screeching or love ballad type of singing. I don't know how to pin point the sound of it, but the most important thing is that it fits the music, and fit it does. The groove which is ever present on this release, gets an even bigger role in this song, not to mention the lyrics which really helps creating a feeling of giving up and telling the world how ugly it really is. There are tons of bands singing about a fantasy hell, GOREFEST describes a hell we are living in. I've read some where that Hell is only a word, reality is much much worse. These are words of wisdom and GOREFEST write their lyrics from that point of view.


“Bordello” and “F.S 2000” are worth mentioning because “Bordello” is a instrumental and “F.S 2000” are some sort of a ballad, but no love ballad I assure you. You can hear that these song fits well in too the "concept" of “Chapter 13”. I don't know if it was any plan behind it, but since every lyric relates to the more shadow filled parts of the human society it becomes a concept in my head. “F.S 2000” may be at bit hard to swallow the first time you hear, that was the situation with me at least. When I started listening to “Chapter 13” I always skipped that song, but after some while I decided to hear it. And nowadays I never skip it, it belongs on the album and helps create some variety. Not that the other songs are monotome and boring, it just shows another side of GOREFEST.


I've missed GOREFEST, and when I listen to “Chapter 13”, it becomes clear why. This is one of Death Metal's unique bands, and I welcome their return with open arms. For those who like dirty sounding Death Metal with a lot of Rock'n’Roll feeling, GOREFEST are unmatched. Just listen to “Serve The Masses” and get convinced. With over 50 minutes of quality music this album is not hard to recommend. WELCOME BACK GOREFEST!!!! (Online December 3, 2004)

Arve Henriksen

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