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Mentors - You Axed For It (-/10) - USA - 1985/1997

Genre: Heavy Rock
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 57:01
Band homepage: -


  1. Sandwich Of Love
  2. Shocked And Grossed
  3. Four F Club
  4. Herpes Two
  5. Judgement Day
  6. Sleep Bandits
  7. Free Fix
  8. Golden Showers
  9. Clap Queen
  10. My Erection Is Over
  11. Wine You, Dine You, Sixty Nine You
  12. In And Out Of You
  13. Leave Some For The Vultures
Mentors - You Axed For It

Who already had been around in the 80s most probably remembers the at times cool thrashings of the two legendary MENTORS albums in the leading magazines. OK, the performance of the three hooded men El Duce (Vocals & Drums), Dr. Heathen Scum (Bass) and Sickie Wifebeater (Guitar) really hadn’t been too good or even genius, but as bad as shitty as they always are portrayed they definitely are not.


Especially the 85 album “You Axed For It“ should be known (of course only, if you are a pervert, debauched old fucker). Because that actually is the strength of the trio: the lyrics! The music is only a minor matter. Not for nothing the gang had been branded with the honorary description: “The MENTORS are the worst of them all” by the PMRC (club of American politicians’ wives around Tipper Gore, who do not know how to kill time otherwise). Misogynist lyrics? Maybe, but definitely taken out of life.


The guys also lived out their lyrics. It definitely is worth it to read the lyrics of classics of the bad taste such as “Sandwich Of Love“, “Four F Club“, “Golden Showers“ or “My Erection Is Over“, of course only, if you have a certain humour. And the music? Simple, unspectacular Heavy Rock, just background music for the lyrics. The CD also has four bonus tracks, all lyrics, a lot of infos, as usual with High Vaultage re-releases.


MENTORS are sleaziest porn cinema for the ears!!! For the rating: Anything is possible here, from 0-10, do it yourself. (Online December 5, 2004)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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