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Vader - The Ultimate Incantation (8/10) - Poland - 1993

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Earache
Playing time: 48:25
Band homepage: Vader


  1. Creation (Intro)
  2. Dark Age
  3. Vicious Circle
  4. The Crucified Ones
  5. The Final Massacre
  6. Testimony
  7. Reign Carrions
  8. Chaos
  9. One Step To Salvation
  10. Demons Wind
  11. Decapitated Saints
  12. Breath Of Centuries
Vader - The Ultimate Incantation

Surely one can regard VADER as a phenomenon. They were the first Polish band to peek out from behind the Iron Curtain and managed to get draw a deal with Earache into Poland with their demo "Morbid Reich". To this day, this demo is one of the best stelling tapes in the Death Metal business.


The first full LP was then released via Earache. It is impressive to see the musical standard the band set with their debut. The songs are like a high speed version of almighty SLAYER, and not only as far as the riffs and crazy solos are concerned; the stop-and-go parts, too, remind of the Californian slayers. Of course, VADER emphasize the death aspect more and the blast beats are just all over the place. Perhaps it's not quite as precise and dynamic as VADER in 2004, but still one has to admit that drummer Doc is very talented.


Songs like "Dark Age", "The Final Massacre" or especially "Breath Of Centuries", opened by awesome bells (err) simply are absolute cult and fucking Death Metal classics, just like the entire album should be in every good Death Metal collection! (Online December 5, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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