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Without Grief - Absorbing The Ashes (7/10) - Sweden - 1999

Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Serious Entertainment
Playing time: 31:27
Band homepage: -


  1. Kingdom Of Hatred
  2. Lifeless
  3. Ungodly
  4. Instrumental
  5. To The End
  6. Blackborn Soul
  7. Heaven Torn Apart
  8. Only Darkness Lies Ahead
Without Grief - Absorbing The Ashes

Here’s the second and final part of my obituary for WITHOUT GRIEF. This is the second album of Sweden’s unsung apprentices of Gothenburg Death Metal, which also ended their short career run.


The clichés that made “Deflower” such a promising debut have been left out for some brutal Death Metal pacing along with a more chaotic Thrash heaviness, it’s not like they’ve thrown the melodies overboard, what I’m saying is that “Absorbing The Ashes” is a much more stripped down album with no acoustic sections or anything mellow in sight except for a few clean guitar sections, overall things are more devastating.


Razor sharp maddening attacks like “Kingdom Of Hatred” and “Blackborn Soul” are tracks that summarize this newfound desecrating sound. Another change I sensed right away was the loudness and uncompromising vocals (rock on Granne), “Absorbing The Ashes” manages to do some serious ear damage when played with maximum volume, this is definitely my idea of Metal mayhem!!! The band’s drummer does such an amazing job, I’m willing to forgive him for using the same fills for at least a hundred times hehe.


The sound… a brutal sound barrier like this can only be recorded at Aabenraa Studios, there’s been no cleaning up as they say, total Death/Thrash Metal without any compromises. All in all, if you take away the pointless and boring instrumental track, I think the album is worthy of your attention, even if you have over fifty favourite Death Metal bands (I still doubt you’ll find the album on shelves today), but calling W.G. originals would be too much, way too much actually.


Originality is not the important issue here, it’s about five youngsters loving extreme music and putting a piece of their heart and souls on an album, maybe that’s why “Absorbing The Ashes” sounds so damn precise, self educated and unbelievably heavy. (Online December 7, 2004)

Frodi Stenberg

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