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More about Mórpheus

Country of origin: Alexandroupolis, Greece
Founded: Summer 2001
Status: Active
Official homepage: Mórpheus

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Band History - Mórpheus (Online Dec. 2004)


Chris formed MÓRPHEUS in the summer of 2001 in Alexandroupolis, a city of northern Greece. Many changes have occurred to the line-up and the musical direction of the band until today where the synthesis and the musical style are stable. MÓRPHEUS play Black/Death Metal combined with symphonic melodies and powerful riffs and tempos.


In January of 2004, “Delomelanicon” demo CD was recorded at Nemesis Recording Studio in Kavala. Even self-financed, the demo is distributed free of charge and has been spread in various locations in Greece as well as in many other countries. Tracks of the demo also appear in compilations of various magazines.


Up-to-date, the band has performed in several live appearances at festivals and local gigs and always plans to play on stage at more events.

Current Line-Up:
Thanasis – Vocals
Chris – Guitars
Spiros – Bass
Mike – Drums
Lakis – Keyboards (ex-CROSSOVER)

Previous members:
Zisis – Guitars (on “Delomelanicon”)



Thanasis – Vocals

Chris – Guitars & Keyboards

Zisis – Guitars

Spiros – Bass

Mike – Drums

Jenny (Guest) – Keyboards (on “Sic Luceat Lux”)

Tasos K. (Guest) – Percussion Effects (on “Sic Luceat Lux”)


"The Metal Observer" Review

2004 "Delomelanicon (Demo)" - Independent

Total playing time: 19:05

  1. Sic Luceat Lux (Intro)
  2. Delomelanicon
  3. An Addition To The Myth
  4. Aperture In Demise (Outro)

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