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22 tablatures for Battlelore

Battlelore - Where The Shadows Lie (8/10) - Finland - 2002

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 47:05
Band homepage: Battlelore


  1. Swordmaster
  2. The Grey Wizard
  3. Raging Goblin
  4. Journey To Undying Lands
  5. Shadowgate
  6. Fangorn
  7. The Green Maid
  8. Khazad-dum Pt. 1 (Ages Of Mithril)
  9. Ride With The Dragons
Battlelore - Where The Shadows Lie
From Finland hails a new band called BATTLELORE, which offers us their first album "Where The Shadows Lie". The boys and girls have fully devoted themselves to the imagery of J.R.R. Tolkien, beginning with the song-titles, over the cover up to the band itself, which has put itself fully into the "Lord Of The Rings", with each musician depicting one creature from this epos. Of course with the suiting pseudonyms.

Musically we get straight Heavy Metal, mostly mid-paced. The keyboards play a dominant role and spice up the whole thing with original sounds. The atmosphere of the album somehow reminds me of the heavily underrated Italian POWER SYMPHONY on their "Evillot"-CD. The low-end vocals of the front-elk sound decipherable and not grunted, his female companion (the elk-cow?) also doesn't just breathe like the archetypical Gothic-mouse.

The album sounds pretty unspectacular at first listen, but with time develops into a real titbit. A quite atypical album for the Napalm-label, which will become a hit among fans of obscure sounds for sure! The noble DigiPak is really, ehm, noble and the production also is more than convincing. Cool band, cool stuff!

Ralf Henn

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