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Fall Of Serenity - Royal Killing (6/10) - Germany - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Age Productions
Playing time: 41:22
Band homepage: Fall Of Serenity


  1. Thirst For Knowledge
  2. Royal Killing
  3. Falling Apart
  4. Mask Of Hatred
  5. The Forthcoming
  6. Children Of A Dying Breed
  7. Lost Horizon
  8. Casting Shadows >mp3
  9. Behind The Veil
  10. Demon-(mon)archy
Fall Of Serenity - Royal Killing

The short time I've been writing for “The Metal Observer” has introduced me to more German Death Metal bands than I knew existed. This fact have helped me understand that there is no way I'll ever get more than a good glimpse into what is happening in the Metal world. This is only for the good, as that assures me that sometimes I'll discover a new band that I didn't see coming. FALL OF SERENITY isn't quite the big bang or anything original for that matter, but they have some qualities, which I hope they are able to improve upon.


The promo info states that "Royal Killing" is produced by Germany's best Metal producer, at least the sound is good, not great, but good. If they want to get a real powerful sounding record they should visit their neighbors in the North, the Danes. Every reader on these pages who has an interest in how to make Death Metal sound powerful, should check out bands like ILLDISPOSED, INFERNAL TORMENT and INIQUITY.


What we find on "Royal Killing" is Death Metal that sometimes reminds me of old UNLEASHED and DISMEMBER, though FALL OF SERENITY uses some clean vocals here and there, and also have some more melodic and atmospheric parts. When FALL OF SERENITY grinds on in the DISMEMBER vain they aren't that interesting, but as soon as they throw in some of the more melodic parts, their own identity shines through. The reason that FALL OF SERENITY don't get a top score from me has nothing to do with sloppy musicians. Every member of the band does their job, and that's a positive thing because then they can focus on the songwriting part. Their music still uses too much safe solutions, and I hope they are able to let themselves loose on future release's. The reason I care to write this is because I hear potential in FALL OF SERENITY.


What I find on "Royal Killing" is a band that strives to find their own sound, and they are able to create it for some parts of the album. On the later parts of this CD they use more solos, which I think is good. A good solo can make a boring part into a piece of magic if it's done with the right emotion. And FALL OF SERENITY has some nice guitar solo's spread across the disc, though there are more of them on the last songs. I will round up this review by recommending everyone to at least check their mp3 ”Casting Shadows”, it's a good indication of what FALL OF SERENITY has to offer. (Online December 10, 2004)

Arve Henriksen

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