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Ministry - Psalm 69 (10/10) - USA - 1992

Genre: Industrial Metal
Label: Sire Records
Playing time: 44:47
Band homepage: Ministry


  1. N.W.O
  2. Just One Fix
  3. TV II
  4. Hero
  5. Jesus Built My Hotrod
  6. Scarecrow
  7. Psalm 69
  8. Corrosion
  9. Grace
Ministry - Psalm 69

Well I guess this has been a long time coming, seeing as we sadly only have only two MINISTRY reviews on the site so far. This album basically wrote the book for how Industrial Metal should sound... not to mention boasted the best riffs for any MINISTRY record. Everything on this record comes together to form what could possibly be the perfect soundtrack to a riot possible... a forty five minute revolution brutally beating it’s way through your speakers!


Right off the blood-soaked bat we get “N.W.O”, and from the first chords of the guitar, the drum machine double bass and the air raid samples, you’re hit right in the temple, knocked out briefly, and dragged through the rest of the record by your tongue, flailing like a man on fire!


90% of this record is played at breakneck speed complete with samples, screams and of course Al Jourgensen’s barking vocals, which sound like a short fused, drunken’ pirate captain with a dime a day amphetamine habit shouting at his crew, which is basically why I like to listen to these guys in the first place... However my personal favourite would be “Scarecrow”, the eight and a half minute industrial dirge that flows like black sap down a dead tree, coating you like some insect, forever trapping you in an anaerobic limbo... This is about as heavy as MINISTRY get, and MINISTRY get pretty F’n heavy.


Now to be fair, I’m just going to assume that you have never listened to Ministry ever, and that just like me, you are here at “The Metal Observer” to learn about bands and discover them. Bottom line, if you don’t own a MINISTRY album, this is the one you will need to own first, as this one is arguably their best and definitely the most listenable from start to finish, especially for a beginner. Enjoy! R.\m/. (Online December 12, 2004)

Rob Mills

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