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Rods, The - Wild Dogs (8,5/10) - USA - 1982/1997

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: High Vaultage
Playing time: 60:12
Band homepage: Rods, The


  1. Too Hot To Stop
  2. Waiting For Tomorrow
  3. Violation
  4. Burned By Love
  5. Wild Dogs
  6. You Keep Me Hangin’ On
  7. Rockin’n’Rollin’ Again
  8. End Of The Line
  9. No Sweet Talk, Honey
  10. Rockin’n’Rollin’ Again (Live)
  11. Waiting For Tomorrow (Live)
  12. The Night Lives To Rock (Live)
  13. Too Hot To Stop (Live)
  14. Power Lover (Live)
Rods, The - Wild Dogs

Still extremely underrated is the 1982 THE RODS album “Wild Dogs“. Compared to the more Blues-y predecessor “The Rods” the trio around charismatic singer and guitarist David “Rock” Feinstein put a lot more oomph into it. Even though the songs still were very simple, here, too, we could see evolution. Especially the choruses of the single songs had a lot more power to them.


Nine own compositions plus the VANILLA FUDGE cover “You Keep Me Hangin’ On“, which had been available as picture single together with the song “Wings Of Fire”, all were pretty darn catchy. Be it the fast and driving “Rockin’n’Rollin’ Again“, the damn heavy title track, the sluggish Rocker “Violation“, the headbanger hymn “Waiting For Tomorrow“ with its very strong chorus line or the driving “No Sweet Talk, Honey“, a perfect live song, each of them packs quite some punch.


Surely, the music nowadays sounds very old fashioned, but has a lot more substance than the majority of today’s Heavy scene. Who still likes his old BLACKFOOT albums like “Highway Song-Live“ will also love “Wild Dogs“. The CD release also has a bonus in form of five live songs. Dirty, earthy, honest: THE RODS. (Online December 13, 2004)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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