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Tenacious D - s/t (10/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Acoustic
Label: Epic Records
Playing time: 50:46
Band homepage: Tenacious D


  1. Kielbasa
  2. One Note Song
  3. Tribute
  4. Wonderboy
  5. Hard Fucking
  6. Fuck Her Gently
  7. Explosivo
  8. Dio
  9. Inward Singing
  10. Kyle Quit The Band
  11. The Road
  12. Cock Pushups
  13. Lee
  14. Friendship Test
  15. Friendship
  16. Karate Schnitzel
  17. Karate
  18. Rock Your Socks
  19. Drive Thru
  20. Double Team
  21. City Hall
Tenacious D - s/t

Well if it’s one non-Metal album that will definitely find a place here on the best Metal website in the world, TENACIOUS D’s self-titled masterpiece will. This is for sure a must own and if you have any kind of problem with this album then you obviously don’t possess a sense of humour because this record is just downright hilarious, as it is both brilliant and stupid at the same time. Best part of all, is that both Kyle Gass and Jack Black can write awesome songs and play guitar like the devil!


Now, usually the twosome is, uh, just a twosome... but for this record, they had a little help from their friends, which included the help of the legendary Dave Grohl on the skins. Love him or hate him, Dave Grohl is one hell of a musician and last years PROBOT album more than proved that, among his many other accomplishments.


Also aiding production wise, were the legendary DUST BROTHERS, who’s list of accolades includes the BEASTIE BOYS landmark album “Paul’s Boutique” and “Odelay” from the eccentric folk artist BECK.


From start to finish you are forced to listen, as you will wonder what nasty bit of raunchy humour or bitchy comment is going to come out of Jack Black’s mouth as he is constantly ripping into Kyle, who is Jacks would be pacifistic brother from another mother... not to mention this is all in between some very rockin, very catchy and very hilarious tunes!


This album will have you rocking out and laughing your ass off all at once. So for those of you who haven’t wet themselves in a long time (no, drinking too much doesn’t count), pick this up if you haven’t yet... it will without a doubt be a timeless classic, as well as one of your favourite records ever! Adios! R.\m/. (Online December 13, 2004)

Rob Mills

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