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Lyzanxia - Mindcrimes (10/10) - France - 2002

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Wagram Music
Playing time: 52:38
Band homepage: Lyzanxia


  1. Time Dealer
  2. Medulla Need
  3. Damnesia
  4. Mind Split
  5. Dusk
  6. Game Time
  7. My Black Confession
  8. Black Side
  9. Silence Code
  10. D.M.
  11. Fugitive
  12. Glass Bones
Lyzanxia - Mindcrimes

It’s almost uncanny how much I liked this CD when I first heard it. Now, even listening to it months later, I still get the same reaction I did before. This album absolutely rocks from start to finish and I’ll second HARD ‘N’ HEAVY magazine in their February 2001 issue when they said, “LYZANXIA delivers a type of music that kicks rather serious ass.” Indeed!


LYZANXIA have a tendency to remind me of IN FLAMES from time to time, which is probably due to the vocals (at some points) and various riffs through out the album. I can definitely say that this band is one that IN FLAMES fans should probably look into.


Each track on “Mind Crimes” stands out in it’s own unique way, bringing about a very diverse and overall great composition of the album as a whole. When it comes to outstanding tracks, it’s just entirely too hard to choose and I can honestly say that this album is practically flawless. “Mind Crimes” contains amazing riffs, fluctuating vocals, (clean as well as death) killer bass lines and tight drum tracks to keep everything in check.


Do yourself a favour. Click the MP3 link above, let it download and prepare to be amazed. I’m pretty sure most of you won’t be disappointed! (Online December 14, 2004)

Jennifer Richards

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