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Celtic Legacy - Resurrection (9,5/10) - Ireland - 2003

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 60:50
Band homepage: Celtic Legacy


  1. The Fallen
  2. Live By The Sword >mp3
  3. Guardian Angel
  4. Resurrection >mp3
  5. Children Of The Sky
  6. Timeless >mp3
  7. Sloipephuch Doin
  8. Shine
  9. Always The Hero >mp3
  10. Emania - Shadows Of Moonlight >mp3
  11. When A Stranger Comes >mp3
Celtic Legacy - Resurrection

Itís too bad, I canít write a proper review since some time. To blame is a CD: ďResurrectionĒ from CELTIC LEGACY. This album is that superb, I canít get it out of my player. I have no ambition to put another, inferior CD into it... But letís come to the most important thing, the music. I would describe the Metal of this band as Royal Metal. Itís unbelievable, what feeling these Irish guys have for griping songs and catchy choruses. Imagine a mixture of SARACEN, IRON MAIDEN & THIN LIZZY and a dash of THRESHOLD!


Basically, CELTIC LEGACY play simple Heavy Metal with an epic feeling. They integrate their Irish Folk parts that experienced into their sound, even Folk haters wonít have their problems with them. Then they have a first-class vocalist, solely he takes this band to another dimension. To add are amazing twin-guitar solos in best MAIDEN manner... They deliver really big melodies and hooks and the band offers an incredible bombast sound. Their songwriting is ingenious and you wonít believe that this is really a self production. Nearly everything is perfect, from production, packaging, class up to feeling Ė almost perfect!


The only reason that I donít give the highest rate, is my hope for a even better work next time (which will be hopefully released on a record label!). Oh, you blind and deaf industry managers, give CELTIC LEGACY a chance! They have an incredible amount of potential! (Online December 15, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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