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Frozen Tears - Metal Hurricane (8,5/10) - Italy - 2004

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Steelheart
Playing time: 48:04
Band homepage: Frozen Tears


  1. Inner Vision >mp3
  2. Forgotten Words
  3. Your Life Slows Down >mp3
  4. The Sound Of Infinity
  5. The Right Side Of The World
  6. Fear Of Tomorrow
  7. Western Sun
  8. The Evil
  9. Rebel Souls
  10. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
Frozen Tears - Metal Hurricane

Yes, the Italian JUDAS PRIEST are still there! After “Mysterious Time” (2000), “Way Of Temptation” (2002), two years passed again before there was a follow-up in form of “Metal Hurricane”. And it has become a Metal Hurricane, the third album by the “spaghetti-eaters”. Truer than true, FROZEN TEARS shoot their metallic anthems into the crowd. Even the last idiot has certainly understood that the vocals sound like uncle Halford here. Whereat in fact only the screams are reminiscent of the high priest, in lower registers it sounds very independent! A classy vocal performance in any case and a pleasure for all friends of grater voices and screaming voices!


The music is magnificently old school, too, and those who can imagine a mixture between PRIEST, WINTERS BANE and SAINT are completely right here! There are no surprises and I don’t notice any direct improvement on the classy preceding album. Yes, I do, the production is better and in “Rebel Souls” (what a riff) and “Fear Of Tomorrow” (cervical vertebra dislocator!) FROZEN TEARS have two godly songs in there. With the rest being on a constantly high level. Only the PRIEST cover “Some Heads Are Gonna Roll” doesn’t blow me away…Perfect godly songs can’t be done in a better way and covering this song almost comes near being blasphemy… (Online December 20, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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