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King's X - Live All Over The Place (7,5/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Rock
Label: InsideOut
Playing time: 132:44
Band homepage: King's X


Disc A

  1. Groove Machine
  2. Dogman
  3. Believe
  4. Little Bit Of Soul
  5. Complain
  6. Over My Head
  7. Manic Depression
  8. Black Like Sunday
  9. Finished
  10. Screamer
  11. Johnny

Disc B

  1. The Difference
  2. (Thinking And Wondering) What I’m Gonna Do
  3. Mr. Evil
  4. Mississippi Moon
  5. Goldilox
  6. Everybody Knows A Little Bit
  7. A Box
  8. Talk To You
  9. Visions
  10. Cigarettes
  11. Summerland
  12. We Were Born To Be Loved
  13. Moan Jam
  14. Over My Head
King's X - Live All Over The Place

If you don’t know shit about KING’S X and your first acquaintance with the band is a double live album, what do you do? How can your review possibly be enlightening to the hardcore fan who is dying to know the latest? This is my situation as I write this review, I’m gonna give it my best shot but I promise nothing as far as my accuracy goes for this one.


Alright then. Texas KING’S X are a Rock trio (some go for Progressive Rock, but I don’t think so) who released their first album back in the late eighties with last year’s “Black Like Sunday” being their ninth full-length if I’m not mistaking, so they’ve got a big song catalogue to choose from when hitting the road. To my surprise, I’ve found out that I really enjoy what I hear on “Live All Over The Place”, not as in ecstatically levitating above the floor with supernatural delight, this is a nice change from the tons of extreme CD’s which I normally receive in my promo packages, very relaxing and free spirited Rock music doing what it’s supposed to do: cleanse the soul.


The first CD has some good songs like “Groove Machine”, “Complain”, “Over My Head”, “Manic Depression” (featuring Jeff Ament of PEARL JAM on guest bass), “Screamer” (killer tune) and “Johnny”, I’m guessing these are all fan favourites because they’re very catchy and memorable. “Believe” is another good song but what really knocked me off the chair is the “free your mind and love yourself for who you are” message that comes out at the end of the song, very positive and independent.


The second CD is still in live format but half of the set is acoustic and the rest electric. Again, it’s very relaxing to sit back and listen to the music, the passionate trio comprised of Ty Tabor, Doug Pinnick and Jerry Gaskill (I know these names, but where from?…) aren’t working on a grand scheme, the performance, the atmosphere, the feedback from the audience, this whole live set up is as humble and honest as the next average working man, it’s not overproduced in any way.


So now you know, I enjoyed this album though it didn’t convert me into a fan. Soulful Rock music played by experienced and open minded musicians, if this sounds like something that could be you, mind the introduction of this review and then decide if you’re going for it or not. (Online December 21, 2004)

Frodi Stenberg

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