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Cadaveria - The Shadow's Madame (9/10) - Italy - 2002

Genre: Horror Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 38:23
Band homepage: Cadaveria


  1. Spell
  2. Declaration Of Spiritual Independence
  3. In Memory Of Shadow's Madame
  4. Circle Of Eternal Becoming
  5. The Magic Rebirth
  6. Black Glory
  7. Absolute Vacuum
Cadaveria - The Shadow's Madame
Cadaveria, is a nice pseudonym for a member of the beautiful sex. Also looks great, the lady. Just hope she doesn't smell like her name implies, hehehe.

CADAVERIA also is the name of the new band around the former singer of OPERA IX, which had already released two quite strong albums with "Sacro Culto" and "The Black Opera". Second creative head here is Marçelo Santos (Flegias), normally singer of NECRODEATH, here dealing with the drums. And they also took up the NECRODEATH-basser. (forgotten the name, sorry) Cannot go wrong, the writer thinks!

And that's just as it is! CADAVERIA "celebrate" their Horror Metal on their debut-album. Many influences are combined to a well-sounding mixture. Be it Black, be it Death, Gothic or traditional Metal. Especially the fat Power Metal-lic axes and the really great drums sound great! Madame herself is grunting, screaming, shouting, whatever the song demands. Sometimes she reminds me of a heavily pissed off version of Leather Leone (CHASTAIN) and too-early-deceased Dawn Crosby (DETENTE, FEAR OF GOD). And that is a compliment!

Add to that competent symphonic arrangements and everything is done very variably. After a few rotations I even feel a certain love for "The Shadow's Madame"! I like it even more than the far from bad last longplayer "The Black Opera" by OPERA IX, because more melodic and more powerful! I need an interview with this attractive singer!

Ralf Henn

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