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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - ELEGEION - Through The Eyes Of Regret

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Elegeion - Through The Eyes Of Regret (9/10) - Australia - 2001

Genre: Gothic Doom Metal
Label: Modern Invasion Music
Playing time: 55:36
Band homepage: Elegeion


  1. Silence
  2. Through The Eyes Of Regret
  3. Thoughts
  4. Etiolation
  5. A Rare Moment
  6. Pain And Elation
  7. Depleted
  8. For Eternity
Elegeion - Through The Eyes Of Regret

This was a hard to get! ELEGEION is a practically unknown Doom Metal act and I’m here in a holy mission, to cast them away from the shadows and somber anonymity where they stand, not because I want it so, because they deserve it. My story with this band (which at the recording of this album was a one-man project) starts some years ago, where someone over at a Metal forum recommended me the band, I downloaded one song and I was immediately in love, the sadness, sorrow and despair that the song dripped of was incredible, the song was “Thoughts” and it was included in this, their debut album and only one to the date.


The quest began, but nowhere I could find the damn album, neither I could find any contact address of the band, I tried to contact their label, Australian based Modern Invasion Music, but they’re quite slackers if I may say this. All my attempts for contact were futile, I threw the towel down. One day browsing through some Metal webzine, I read that ELEGEION was releasing a new album! What? They’re alive, I thought! And with the news, was attached my final treasure, an email address, of Anthony Kwan,. Mastermind of ELEGEION.


So here we are, I have their 2001 debut album in my hands and I’ve listened to it several times and I must say that is everything I expected to be, the sadness incarnated by gloomy melodies is exceptional, the musical arrangements and the haunting voice of Dieudonnee, made this record an instant favorite on my books.


Maybe I should describe a little what the band does, they play Doom Metal with some Gothic overtones and by this I mean not all the time the music is slow and pounding, some faster parts can be found in the songs, which are very lengthy. Classical arrangements like violins give the music another special touch, besides the enchanting and I must say angelical female vocals, there is also some grunted vocals and spoken passages.


Picking out a special song among others would be a difficult task, since I like the whole album, but definitively the 14 minute epic “Thoughts” stands out of the crowd and songs like the soothing “A Rare Moment” and the title track “Through The Eyes Of Regret” are killer songs too.


In a nutshell, ELEGEION, virtually unknown to the world, dark, melancholic music for lovers of gloomy passages and sorrowful landscapes, a must have for any lover of this kind of music. An Aussie band that will give the people something to talk about when they release their next album. (Online January 4, 2005)

Enrique Congrains

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