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Hades Almighty - The Pulse Of Decay (8,5/10) - Norway - 2004

Genre: Dark Metal
Label: Dark Essence Records
Playing time: 43:55
Band homepage: Hades Almighty


  1. 216/Cataclysmic
  2. Submission Equals Suicide
  3. The Pulse Of Decay
  4. The Antichrist Inside
  5. Vendetta Assassination
  6. Apocalypse
  7. Razor
  8. Generation Murder – Rape (Bonus Track)
  9. Cyber Alchemist (Bonus Track)
  10. Each Dawn I Die (Bonus Track Manowar-Coversong)
  • Submission Equals Suicide (Videoclip)
Hades Almighty - The Pulse Of Decay

“The Pulse Of Decay” had been released in 2001 via Psycho Bitch Records but it’s now rarely to find. Sometimes it can be found on some Metal markets but always at high cost. This band combines VENOM/BATHORY influences with a strong FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM hint. Besides the new cover design, there are now three bonus tracks available (e.g. the MANOWAR cover “Each Dawn I Die”) and the cool video clip of “Submission Equals Suicide”.


This re-release is absolutely justified and you can see the progression of HADES ALMIGHTY from a primitive Doom/Black Metal band to a (still) minimalistic Dark Metal top act! (Online January 5, 2005)

Ralf Henn

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