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Psicorragia - La Pasión De Lo Mortal (8/10) - Peru - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: American Line Productions
Playing time: 43:11
Band homepage: Psicorragia


  1. Vagitus
  2. Padecer Sólamente
  3. Otono
  4. Nuestro Rio de Recuerdos
  5. Estrofas a la Muerte
  6. Amén
  7. La Misma Historia
  8. Aspid
Psicorragia - La Pasión De Lo Mortal
Metal from Peru, a nice surprise! Basically I expect really hefty stuff, also with a band-name like PSICORRAGIA, but what the quintet delivers with "La Pasión de Lo Mortal" is very positively surprising for me, who isn't exactly a fan of the brutal stuff…

The Peruvians combine Death Metal with Thrash, Doom, Rock, dark atmosphere (at times with keyboards and/or violin) and a few experimental passages, but never losing control over the song, which is a really big plus in my book, far too many lose the red line within their compositions!

Rhythms are ever-changing, from straight Death Metal to Waltz-based structures and the moods and atmospheres created seem like a (very good) roller-coaster-ride of emotions, holding the tension of the album very high. That they are barely comparable with any band is another plus for the South Americans, as they obviously manage to steer clear from their influences.

So you can find Death/Thrash with violin and more melodic passages as on "Padecer Sólamente" just as well as "Nuestro Rio de Recuerdos", a moody piece with violin and charango (whatever that may be) and (the only unromantic part) Death Metal-vocals, or a hefty Death Metal-eruption in "Estrofas de la Muerte", while "Amén" comes over with an oriental melody packed into a psychedelic sound and "La Misma Historia" bringing us Doom/Death with violin.

You see, PSICORRAGIA cannot really pinned down to one style only, but they still retain control over the songs at any time. Many people still talk about the exot-bonus, which bands from countries like Peru might get, but in the case of PSICORRAGIA I can assure you that they do not need any kind of bonus, because the band itself more than deserves your attention!

Alexander Melzer

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