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Solitaire - Extremely Flammable (9,5/10) - Finland - 2004

Genre: Speed Metal
Label: Iron Glory Records
Playing time: 37:16
Band homepage: Solitaire


  1. Countdown >mp3
  2. Extremely Flammable >mp3
  3. Heroes Fall Down
  4. Out Of My Role
  5. Breaking Point
  6. Metalsquad
  7. I Won’t Come In Peace
  8. Speed Trap
  9. Steel Against Steel >mp3
  10. Boy Without A World
Solitaire - Extremely Flammable

Two years after the fulminant debut “Rising To The Challenge” the whacked out Finns of SOLITAIRE haunt us again. And with “Extremely Flammable” they again hand out a wallop that should (and will) win over every Speed freak! They still worship the old AGENT STEEL style, yet a lot more sinister and meaner. Singer “Babyface“ Mika still gives absolutely everything, he screams, rampages and yells like a completely unleashed Michael Coons (LÄÄZ ROCKIT), while the rest drives their fronter forward relentlessly.


In terms of energy they even surpass the old EXCITER on “Long Live The Loud“ and the level of aggression should make many Death and Black Metal bands think as well. Here we have a band that does not only play their music, but live it out, even celebrates it. There is only one breather on the CD and it is a short one, at the beginning of “Steel Against Steel“, which nicely reminds me of OVERKILL’s “In Union We Stand“.


Apart from that we get speed, speed and once more speed. Sure, the ludicrous melody lines of the debut have gotten lost a bit, but still are to be found. The production is also a bit dumber and more muddy, but should not give the die hard Metalhead any problems, the brilliant material more than makes up for it. (Online January 11, 2004)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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