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Krisiun - Bloodshed (6/10) - Brazil - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 40:57
Band homepage: Krisiun


  1. Slain Fate >mp3
  2. Ominous
  3. Servant Of Emptiness
  4. Eons
  5. Hateful Nature
  6. Visions Beyond
  7. Voodoo
  8. They Call Me Death
  9. Unmerciful Order
  10. Crosses Toward Hell
  11. Infected Core
  12. Outro / MMIV
Krisiun - Bloodshed

So, on principle I can’t get into the Brazil thrashers of KRISIUN at all. Their permanent, non-melodic highspeed blasting absolutely doesn’t give me anything. But you shouldn’t judge this disc too hastily, for it contains both new and really old songs. “Bloodshed” seems more rhythmic than the preceding albums and it is in fact “slow”; judging by what you were used to so far from the overkill commando. Soundwise you have to be modest, but with old material you can confidently accept that.


I for my part am positively surprised, as the slower songs have a downright menacing atmosphere. When the club is unleashed again, it comes across way more homogenously than otherwise where there is only blasting and you want to say a prayer for each mid-tempo break. A quite interesting development!


Conclusion: all in all a positive surprise, but the work is far from making me a fan of the band. KRISIUN will always stay one band among many, at least to me! (Online January 13, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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