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3 Inches Of Blood - Advance & Vanquish (9/10) - Canada - 2004

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Roadrunner Records
Playing time: 51:02
Band homepage: 3 Inches Of Blood


  1. Fear On The Bridge (Upon The Boiling Sea I)
  2. Deadly Sinners >mp3
  3. Revenge Is A Vulture
  4. Dominion Of Deceit
  5. Premonition Of Pain
  6. Lord Of The Storm (Upon The Boiling Sea II)
  7. Wykydtron
  8. Swordmaster
  9. Axes Of Evil
  10. Crazy Nights
  11. Destroy The Orcs
  12. Phantom Of The Crimson Cloak
  13. Isle Of Eternal Despair (Upon The Boiling Sea III)
3 Inches Of Blood - Advance & Vanquish

Oho, what is coming across the ocean there? 3 INCHES OF BLOOD are the first real Metal band on Roadrunner Records in years. I would not have expected such an obscure monster either. Imagine a band structure made up of the two guitarists of DARK TRANQUILLITY, Dave Lombardo of SLAYER on drums and Tim Baker of CIRITH UNGOL and Berti Majdan (GRAVESTONE) on mic, let’s leave the bass post open. Then this band would about sound like 3 INCHES OF BLOOD from Canada.


A bastard between pure eighties Metal with very extreme shrieky vocals (but I don’t mean Black Metal shrieking here, but the Dirkschneider variant) and various Melo Death influences as well as some growls! This works magnificently, for this album is so lightly moving and vocally hyper extreme. Even I have problems to stand the shrieking until the end. But basically it is a very neat disc that surprises with endless power! The insane guitar work alone hits every doubter in the face with a plank! 3 INCHES OF BLOOD stretch out the fuck finger into the face of the industry! Bravely done by Roadrunner, not bad at all! Check out tips: “Deadly Sinners”, “Wykydtron”! (Online January, 14 2004)

Ralf Henn

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