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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - PHAZM - Hate At First Seed

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Phazm - Hate At First Seed (7,5/10) - France - 2004

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Osmose Productions
Playing time: 43:51
Band homepage: Phazm


  1. Inchaos
  2. What A Wonderful Death >mp3
  3. Resinous Balm
  4. Forest Recipe
  5. Devoured Tenderness
  6. Vicious Seed
  7. Fleshback
  8. Loneliness
  9. Dogs
Phazm - Hate At First Seed

Someday the trees and shrubbery will take back what was once theirs... either that or we will just give them a nice plot of land they can call their own so they can build casinos and shit...


Upon first glance of the cover, it doesn’t take much to sum up the fact that this band obviously has a thing for trees, maybe they should’ve called themselves Lorax or something... “They speak for the Trees!” Anyways, enough of my lame ass attempt at being funny and on with the review!


Opening with the first track, “Inchaos” - one word. Here you get a typical rocker weaving back and forth between the Black and Death genres, teasing you all the while letting you bang your head... But that all changes momentarily on “What a Wonderful Death”, going from a semi-typical Black/Death tune, to something of a “Morrissey goes Black Metal” type tune on track two...Very interesting and definitely different to say the least, which is why I began to actually pay attention at this point.


Track three goes slow-mo in the vein of the new SATYRICON album – think “Black Lava” and then even getting a little Black Thrash on yo ass with “Vicious Seed”, and I’m all about that, homie!


At only a couple spots in the middle of this record did I get lost a little, which would be the only real downside to this release, other that that, I think they got something here, I really do. That, and some of the tracks tend to get a tad loose at times, but you know... they end up coming back on stronger and stronger, and so for that it only makes the comebacks better. I would however like to see these guys play live as they got some real kick ass tunes.


“Dogs” Is the closer, and not to mention the best track on the album. I mean were the fuck did this come from?! Too bad there weren’t a few more tracks like this one on here, definitely giving Lemmy and the boys a nod here... Other personal faves were “Fleshback”, “What a Wonderful Death” and “Forest Recipe”.


All in all, I think they can get something really tight and original going if they just tighten up a few screws and figure out exactly just what kind of music they want to play, then again, you know what, strike that... Let em’ play what they want, that’s exactly why I liked this album in the first place,  and will be enjoying it many times over! It’s just that their label has them down as Black n’ Roll, which doesn’t seem too fitting for the whole album just because they have a couple Rockish songs on there. These guys give you a whole plethora of sounds from Death to Rock to a teeny tiny bit of Thrash, all the while keeping their roots (excuse the pun) anchored firmly in Black Metal.


Other than the cover needing a little explaining (WTF?) and a few minor complaints, this is definitely worth your buck if you want to explore something a little different in the Black Metal world... The Chocolate cake kicks ass, as well as the Ham...But Black Forest Metal? RoB\m/ (Online January 17, 2005)

Rob Mills

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