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Infestdead - Killing Christ (-/10) - Sweden - 1995

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Invasion
Playing time: 11:21
Band homepage: -


  1. The Rising (Intro)
  2. I'll Be Black
  3. In The Spell Of Satan
  4. Save Me From The Hands Of Christ
  5. Fucked By Satan
  6. Burn Me (Without The Grace Of God)
Infestdead - Killing Christ

This is INFESTDEAD's first offering into the world of Death Metal, they only recorded two full lengths besides this one. The full lengths are titled "Hellfuck" and "JesuSatan", "Hellfuck" are my favourite INFESTDEAD record, but the best songs are found on "Killing Christ". The fact that it doesn't last for more than 11 minutes makes it somewhat unsatisfying, like a one night stand only with a girl you really like.


The music is satanic Death Metal, I'm not sure how serious the satanic tag shall be taken. INFESTDEAD can be seen as Sweden's answer to DEICIDE. In the booklet of "Hellfuck" the members of INFESTDEAD, Dan Swanö and Drette, sends some word of praise towards DEICIDE. If INFESTDEAD where a band that should honour DEICIDE, I understand why they are down for the moment. DEICIDE has become a shadow of themselves and I don't like their newest offering.


Every song, except the rather standard intro, is very good Death Metal played with both skill and a tongue in the cheek humour. Song titles like "Fucked By Satan" are meant to be somewhat fun, though I don't think a song like "Mad At God" was meant to be fun at all. For those of you that don't know the song "Mad At God", it is to be found on the latest DEICIDE album "Scars Of The Crucifix".


My two favourite song on this EP (if 11 minutes qualifies for anything else than single status) is "Save Me From The Hands Of Christ" and the final song "Burn Me Without The Grace Of God". The last song has a somewhat darker atmosphere to it, somehow it sounds more serious. As always when Dan Swanö is at work everything is done professional, he does all the work her with the exception of the vocals. The vocals are handled by Drette, a really good Death Metal vocalist that has his own identity. I know that a record label reissued both "Killing Christ" and "Hellfuck" and both records where available for the on one CD for the price of one. If you are into all kinds of Death Metal and not only the dead serious stuff, INFESTDEAD should be checked out. (Online January 21, 2005)

Arve Henriksen

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