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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - DERANGED - Plainfield Cemetary

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Deranged - Plainfield Cemetary (9/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Listenable Records
Playing time: 34:37
Band homepage: Deranged


  1. Beaten, Raped And Fucking Left To Die
  2. Stab And Hack >mp3
  3. Mutilate And Dumb You
  4. We Lure And Abduct
  5. God Is Dead
  6. Deathgasm
  7. Imbecile Humans/Drag Her Out To Die
  8. Suffering The Sweet Suffering
  9. Roadside Rendezvous
  10. The Deviant Dead
Deranged - Plainfield Cemetary

DERANGED, another kick in the face to those who say that Swedish Metal is only melodic crap. Bands like REGURGITATE, NASUM, SPAWN OF POSSESSION, SKITSYSTEM, DERANGED, JIGSORE TERROR and many others are clear proofs that some people really don't know when to keep their mouth shut. DERANGED are among the most brutal bands this planet has to offer, with a straight for your throat attitude that sounds really convincing. The sound that DERANGED has created down at the Berno Studios fits the band perfect. The overall sound reeks power, this is a record that commands being played at a high volume.


DERANGED has been giving out records or at least demo's and splits since 1992. Their first demo was called ...”The Confessions Of A Necrophile”, their next release was called “...The Confessions” continues. Their early song and album titles shows a band obsessed with the more dark sides of life, and gore movies in particular. This interest hasn't ceased as “Plainfield Cemetary” has some links to the serial killer Ed Gein.


While I'm talking about DERANGED it's also worth mentioning that some guys from DERANGED also have a side-project that's named KILLAMAN, if you are into brutal Death Metal I recommend you DERANGED, KILLAMAN and MURDER CORPORATION (The band that later changed into KILLAMAN) all bands which have some of the same feel to them due to the fact that it's the same guys making the music. It's clear that there are much aggression found inside of them because every band are really aggressive, but somehow they manage to stay interesting. They are not playing music because they want to be Rock stars, they play the music because it's the only thing they can and will do, that's what can be read in their interviews. When you listen to the music you know they are not talking bullshit, because there is not one single compromise found on "Plainfield Cemetary" (Or on any record they made). I would go so far and claim that "Plainfield Cemetary" is even more intense than MARDUK's "Panzer Division Marduk", but it's not only more intense, it's also far better. This may be because I've always liked Death Metal the most or because it simply is better, anyway in these ears there are no doubts.


If you are into gore movies, the lyrics will appeal to you. They are pretty much inspired by horror/gore/splatter movies. The lyrics are written by some guy in New Zealand, the drummer (Rikard Wermen) sends songtitles down to New Zealand and get lyrics back. Rikard Wermen then arranges and updates the lyrics so that they fit the songs. He even writes most of the songs, I don't think it's that often that the drummer is the main song writer. It must mention that his drumming is also highly impressive, a fucking monster behind the kit is what he is. DERANGED are a band that I would wish to see live, I'm sure they are killer live, because their music is so powerful it's not possible to be unaffected.


There is no reason to highlight any of the songs on "Plainfield Cemetary", the whole record is a strong offering that shows that ultra brutal Death Metal (sound like a cliche these days) still has something to give. Don't forget to play this record to anyone who claims that Swedish Metal are just melodic crap, this should make them keep their mouth shut for awhile, if they show signs of talking after the record is finished then you put on KILLAMAN and then there will be silence. If you are looking for standard Melodic Death Metal that what's you'll find, but remember that DERANGED is right behind you with a baseball bat. (Online January 23, 2005)

Arve Henriksen

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