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Blood Duster - Cunt (7/10) - Australia - 2001

Genre: Death Rock
Label: Relapse Records
Playing time: 36:24
Band homepage: Blood Duster


  1. WeAreTheWorldPolice
  2. BigFatArse
  3. AnotherSlackArsedAussieBand
  4. PornStoreStiffi
  5. PissingContest
  6. IJustFinishedSuckingOffMetalHeadsInTheMensurinals
  7. Hoochiemumma
  8. ILoveItWhenJoePesciSwears
  9. StockTakin
  10. LetsAllFuck
  11. AtrackSuitIsNotAppropriateMetalApparel
  12. TheCorpseSong
  13. FuckYouSceneBoy
  14. IsKillingClonesIllegal
  15. Don'tCallMeHomeboyya'Cunt
  16. Spefeven
  17. TheObjectsIsToShiftSomeUnits
  18. SweetMeat
  19. Dis-Organ-Ized
Blood Duster - Cunt

BLOOD DUSTER an infamous gang obsessed with menstrual blood, drinking and gore movies. They started out as a more straightforward Grind Core band then we know them as today. Even though they were more Grindcore on a record like ”Yeest”, there where still hints that BLOOD DUSTER where a special kind of breed. On "Str8t Outta Northcote" their Rock'N’Roll attitude was clearer, though BLOOD DUSTER doesn't seem to abandon their Grindcore roots completely, even on their latest offering, which is self titled, they have some of those short intense song.


If you take the lyrical aspect of BLOOD DUSTER serious you might have some problems with them, because most of the song is about sex one way or another. If they are not about sex they are a tribute to Metal. Like the song "The Object Is To Shift Some Units", the song starts with a funny sample (not many bands are able to have good movie samples) where you can hear a father asking his son when he shall start playing some real music like DEEP PURPLE or BLACK SABBATH instead of that classical shit he is playing. I don't think anyone shall take notes in how to raise a kid from BLOOD DUSTER, but at least they are very good at what they do.


Now that I've told you what I like about BLOOD DUSTER, it's time to tell you something that I don't like. A track like "Sweetmeat", which consists of only guitar have no reason for being on the CD. Some of the same crap can be found on their CD "Str8 Outta Northcote", I wonder if it's purpose are to fool people into thinking that the CD are longer than it actually is. The last song "Dis-Organ-Ized" last's for a bit over 5 minutes, 3 minutes are just pure noise without any purpose whatsoever.


My favourite song on this release is without doubt the catchy "TheCorpseSong", it's a song about fucking corpses and that pretty much sums up how BLOOD DUSTER approach life. If every song on this release would be as good as this one and they hadn't used noise as filler material, this would be one of the better CDs ever.


I consider "Cunt" to be the weakest BLOOD DUSTER album, their last being my favourite one. "Cunt" have some killer songs, but noise as filler material pisses me off and I know that BLOOD DUSTER don't give a fuck. One thing that can't be taken away from BLOOD DUSTER though, is the fact that they sound like no one else. So if you are looking for some Death Metal that doesn't take anything but songwriting serious (and sometimes not even that) BLOOD DUSTER is recommended. (Online January 22, 2005)

Arve Henriksen

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