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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - CROWN, THE - Crowned In Terror

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Crown, The - Crowned In Terror (9/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 43:06
Band homepage: -


  1. Introduction: House Of Hades
  2. Crowned In Terror
  3. Under The Whip
  4. Drugged Unholy
  5. World Below
  6. The Speed Of Darkness
  7. Out For Blood
  8. (I Am) Hell
  9. Death Is The Hunter
  10. Satanist
  11. Death Metal Holocaust
Crown, The - Crowned In Terror

THE CROWN, may you rest in peace. I want to start this review by thanking THE CROWN for giving us extreme Metal freaks some really good albums. When I was on Wacken back in 1999 or 2000 (I'm starting to get Alzheimer) I saw THE CROWN live (at that time they called themselves CROWN OF THORNS) and I can assure everyone that they had the same intensity live as the one found on their records. THE CROWN always had this Rock'n Roll/Thrash feeling over their Death Metal and some people may say that it is Thrash Metal with some Death Metal influences. Either way you look at it THE CROWN was and still is a unique band. The only band I can come up with right now that have some of the same feeling over their music is IMPIOUS, another Swedish act.


My favourite album from THE CROWN is without no doubt "Deathrace King", but "Crowned In Terror" comes on a strong second place. And I don't agree when the members of THE CROWN say that "Crowned In Terror" sounds better under the name "Crowned Unholy". As many of you might know THE CROWN decided to do a sort of a re-recording of "Crowned In Terror", they released it under the name "Crowned Unholy" and replaced the vocal and bass tracks. They also put in some new sounds here and there, but roughly it's the same record. The only reason the members from THE CROWN, as I see it, has to talk shit about this release, must be because of some bad blood between them and Tomas Lindberg (Former AT THE GATES vocalist). The reason why I write this is because I think that Tompa does a very good job on "Crowned In Terror". He screams with both passion and aggression, and I also think that it sounds like this record was made with his voice in mind.


I mentioned earlier that THE CROWN always had this Thrashy edge on their Death Metal, "Crowned In Terror" is the record where there is least of these Thrash influences. "Crowned In Terror" are far more Death Metal than any of the other records THE CROWN ever released. This slight change of style proved to be no problem for THE CROWN, as each member are masters in their disciplines. And as we all know Swedish bands has some of the best production values found on this earth. There are many well know studios in Sweden and not without reason. "Crowned In Terror" was recorded at Studio Mega, a studio I don't know a hell lot about, but they are professional, the proof can be found on the actual CD.


My favourite song on "Crowned In Terror" is the last song Death Metal Holocaust, a song that shows proofs of that slight style of change I mentioned earlier (They sound more like "themselves" on Possessed 13). It's a full speed ahead Death Metal song that has to be some of the most intense songs ever recorded. And that is where my main complaint about "Crowned Unholy" lies, I think it lacks some of the intensity found on "Crowned In Terror". Death Metal Holocause simply shows that some of the power was lost in the transition. Although I never really liked Tomas Lindberg's vocal style this record suits his voice perfectly. Other songs that can be mentioned is “Crowned In Terror”, “Under The Whip” and “Drugged Unholy”. Along with “Death Metal Holocaust” these are my favourite songs, but the rest of the album holds good quality and there are not much filler material found. I think THE CROWN stopped playing when they found out that they had to put filler material on their next album due to lack of inspiration or just simply being drained. I may have written that "Crowned In Terror" sounds better than "Crowned Unholy", this don't mean that "Crowned Unholy" ruins the name of THE CROWN. THE CROWN stands for quality and if you've never heard them and are into extreme music then get going and listen, this is intense. (Online January 25, 2005)

Arve Henriksen

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