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4 tablatures for Internal Bleeding

Internal Bleeding - Onward To Mecca (6/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Olympic Recordings
Playing time: 37:00
Band homepage: Internal Bleeding


  1. Bleed By Example
  2. Siege In The Clouds
  3. Infidel
  4. Far Above You
  5. Hatefuel
  6. Arm Our Youth
  7. This Day I Fight
  8. Contamination
  9. Intolerance
Internal Bleeding - Onward To Mecca

I really donít know what to make of this. Brutal and straight to the point, these guys are one of the thousands upon thousands of bands that worship SUFFOCATION, yet have missed out completely on what makes the SUFFO-dudes legendary. Itís not the songs that are written for the sake of brutality. Itís the fact that the songwriting crossed the subtle line and was done in a way that it was both catchy yet brutal as all hell, with the structures and riffs being intelligent, while extremely violent.


INTERNAL BLEEDING only has gotten one thing out of the blatant SUFFOCATION influence and that is the brutality. This will make this album tedious and monotonous, with no moment that is different from any of the rest throughout the album. Nothing grabs the listenerís attention and the end result will be an album that will be a chore to listen to.


Even the brutality of the album seems forced and uneasy. Furthermore, when I can tell how the riffs end and where there the blast beats will be, I tend to get turned off towards the music.


The one interesting moment on the album comes at the end of ďThis Day I FightĒ, with a slow melodic clean part, yet at that point, I would have stopped caring about this album ages ago. The only reason I heard it is because I listen to each CD completely at least once before I start reviewing it. It may sound harsh, but I have no desire to listen to run by the numbers Brutal Death Metal. This has no spark to it, nothing that will make you want to listen to it.


Not recommended. (Online January 25, 2005)

Armen Janjanian

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