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Tormented Soul - Untitled (0,5/10) - Australia - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 43:51
Band homepage: Tormented Soul


  1. A Night With A Nightmare >mp3
  2. Eve Of Destruction
  3. Eyes Of Fire
  4. Immortal >mp3
  5. Web Of Illusion
  6. When Summer Turns To Winter
  7. Tormented Soul >mp3
  8. A Lament For The Dead
  9. Fateless
Tormented Soul - Untitled

A zero is just about the lowest grade you can give an album. It essentially means that the CD has nothing good about it, not one good vocal line, not one good solo, not one good riff (okay, just ONE). To further elaborate, I will dissect the album point by point:


Production: To be honest, this is probably the last thing I normally would care about, unless there is either one element of the production that just sticks out like a sore thumb and drags down the sound quality with it, or if there are any inconsistencies in the sound from one song to the next, or even worse, within the same song. On this album, the drums sound muffled, the guitars sound thin and as a general, sounds like poorly produced 80s Thrash albums.


Music: If youíve read some of my reviews, youíd be familiar with the fact that I hate predictability in music. Now, on this album, I was able to picture when the riffing was going to change and sometimes I imagined how the chord progression was about to resolve and whatís worse is that most of the time I ended up being right. Iím not saying bands should be unpredictable and chaotic as all hell, but being a little interesting structure-wise would help a bit. Furthermore, the riffing just plain sucks. The music is extremely cheesy and boring and after a while, it gets annoying, because they sometimes decide to hammer one bloody riff throughout the whole song. It seems that the band was influenced by a myriad of Metal styles and tries to mix them into a whole, but this whole is a disjointed attempt. The drumming is very predictable and that further deteriorates the entire experience. They have one good riff and thatís about it.


Vocals: To further make my life miserable, the vocals are just as bad as the music. The aforementioned multiplicity of influences is also present in the vocal styles and just as the music got it all wrong, so are the vocals just as bad. The vocals are both clean and Death vocals, yet both are unbearable. The clean ones sound like a mix between an Ozzy Osbourne and Tim Owens (ex-JUDAS PRIEST, ICED EARTH), yet the vocalist canít keep a tone to hold his life. The growling isnít much better, but it is a just a harsh whisper and that only works if used sparingly. It is heard everywhere on the album. The vocals suck at all times.


They have ONE GOOD RIFF, thatís about it. (Online January 26, 2005)

Armen Janjanian

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