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Tenebrum Infectus - s/t (2/10) - France - 2004

Genre: Grindcore
Label: Adipocere
Playing time: 31:07
Band homepage: -


  1. Sutcrfni Murbenet
  2. Infernal Bewitchment
  3. Bloob, Flesh And Darkness
  4. Raped In The House Of God
  5. Vagina Sickning Pussy
  6. Human’s Regression
  7. Pig’s Sodomy At The Herta’s Farm
  8. The Blooding Cannibal Fest
  9. Tenebrum Infectus
  10. Vomit Your Soul
  11. Gays Fuck Like Christians
  12. My Eternal Last Anguish
  13. Raped In The House Of God (live)
  14. Vagina Sickning Pussy (live)
  15. Bloob, Flesh And Darkness
  16. Spermatoïd Punishment (inedit live)
Tenebrum Infectus - s/t

So what’s that? What kind of puberty outpours is that, please? Shaved pussies and cut off heads on the cover, hallo censorship - where are you? What style can you expect there? Right, it’s Grindcore…And it’s not even that good. If not every second word was pussy, fuck or whore’s ass…it wouldn’t really get on your nerves with time…


Well, none of the songs is longer than 2 minutes and except for a few good riffs and blast passages, you can forget about the whole thing. In the info the band is even compared to NASUM, which is an insolence. These sick Frenchmen don’t ever reach the Grind kings from Sweden, not with a single note (?). (Notes in Grindcore – Man, how funny I am again today…) (Online January 27, 2005)

Ralf Henn

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