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Sceptic - Unbeliever's Script (8,5/10) - Poland - 2003

Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Candlelight Records
Playing time: 47:33
Band homepage: -


  1. Unbeliever's Script
  2. Illussion Possessor >mp3
  3. Controlled By Mind
  4. Soul Controllers
  5. Shapeless Entity
  6. Knowledge Gatherer
  7. Voices From The Past
  8. Spiritually Tormented
  9. Waves Of Destruction
Sceptic - Unbeliever's Script

Once again Poles who shock with another Death Metal band. Well, SCEPTIC are no greenhorns anymore and present album number 3 already here. It contains great, very technical Death Metal that also contains a lot of Thrash. While they are still somewhat reminiscent of CORONER with the opener, it becomes obvious in the further course that the idols are probably rather called DEATH.


In part some passages sound very much like the Florida godz and technically it is on this level, too. The Poles easily manage to connect catchiness and pure fuddling. The music is technical, no doubt – thousands of breaks, riffs and insane drum beats buzz around…But I don’t feel overtaxed or overrun at any time. SCEPTIC just show that Death Metal is not only dull blasting. The guitarists are skilful and also have quite melodic stuff to offer.


Those who recently got the ingenius NECROPHAGIST album should also give this a try…Vocally there is no ultra deep growling, but a mixture between Ron Royce (CORONER) and Chuck Schuldiner (DEATH) which I like a bit better personally…The album rips from start to finish, tut, what am I saying – it smokes! (Online January 30, 2005)

Ralf Henn

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