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Brodequin - Methods Of Execution (8/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Unmatched Brutality
Playing time: 33:01
Band homepage: Brodequin


  1. Slave To The Pyre >mp3
  2. The Gridiron
  3. The Red Theatre
  4. Pressing To Plead
  5. Tyburn Field
  6. Durance Vile
  7. Gingering Existence
  8. Last Into Torment
  9. Verdrinken
  10. Punishment Without Mercy
  11. Methods Of Execution
Brodequin - Methods Of Execution

Descend into the deepest depths of Damnation. Travel across a dead, fractured landscape and then drop further into the abyss. Ignore the pain from walking across shattered shards of marble as you enter a massive cave, blasted from the side of the gorge. There you will see the demon responsible for the infernal colour schemes in Hell, Tarquin is his name, he wears a fez and a pink tutu. For centuries he has driven fallen artists to concoct the reds that speak of slaughter and rivers of blood, he has also striven for the uber black, a black that portrays the void perfectly. Many neared that perfection but ultimately their eternal torment was compounded by being cornballed by a 15 foot demon who will only be happy when a flawlessly pitch black shade is found. Tarquin may have to wait until BRODEQUIN pop their clogs and head South. These chaps know how to paint it black.


This is pure infernal noise (of the best kind.) The bumf that accompanied the CD says it is the sort of Death Metal fans of that genre have been waiting for. I doubt technical DM heads will agree with that statement, but if you like it rough and brutale then look no further, BRODEQUIN are the boys. This is pulverising, grinding Death Metal with dollops of Black Metal aesthetic when it comes to production and atmosphere. Speed? They are as fast as Fasty McFast and this pace is unrelenting throughout. The production is murkier than the Black Lagoon and actually makes for a better listening experience as far as I am concerned. Guitars are horribly distorted and fizz like sodium in water. The bass thwacks along flatter than a witches tit and the drums just batter you senseless. Add in the subterranean pig squeal vocals and you have one sick puppy on your hands.


The subject matter is as advertised, basically descriptions of torture and execution. The foldout booklet depicts medieval dispatch of unfortunates, good job the inquisitors didn’t have a copy of this album to play during the bloodletting, how much could a human take? Despite the rawness of the production “Methods Of Execution” is a coherent piece of work in the whole. There is enough clarity for the riffs to peak through the barrage and the balance of all the instruments is set just right. It all passes by in a blur and I suspect you would tire of it eventually, that said CDs that fall into that vein are brilliant for the occasional play, just right for clearing the wax out of your ears. You do get the odd break in the headlong rush, but the brutality factor remains nailed at 11. The lyrics do avoid being puerile and in essence are purely descriptive though still a nasty prospect.


Each abomination is a 2-3 minute cranium cruncher. The sound of BRODEQUIN though clearly Death Metal owes much to Grind as well and many who appreciate Black Metal will approve of the blackened edge the production gives. The nebulous nature of “Methods Of Execution” also adds an atmosphere that cleaner Death Metal may lack. The main criticism, if you want to call it that, is that there are no standout moments, if you like guitar solos, forget it, if you like killer riffs flying all over the place, tough. These guys just deliver a squadrons worth of B 52 carpet bombing, collateral damage? You bet.


So, when your neighbours are playing Happy Hardcore at 3 in the morning, when you’ve got to get up for work in 2 hours, avail yourself of this bastard, crank up the volume and blow them into the middle of next week. Having said that, don’t use the title track which is one of those documentary type sound scapes that though interesting when you listen to what is said, really would have been better placed mid-album or left out completely.


So BRODEQUIN remember the magic formula you used on this album, Tarquin has something “special” for you when you finally meet, should you forget how to recreate a black as black as this. (Online February 1, 2005)

Niall MacCartney

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