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Knights Of Tethys - Welcome to the Knighthood - Online Feb. 2005

It’s been a few months since we had last talked to you guys, so what has happened in the mean time?


Sir Ryan Darnell: Well we have been playing live a lot and writing A LOT, we are getting ready to record a brand new album! Since we last talked to you, wow it’s been about 6 months already! We played a lot of great shows including the Earth Day Festival at the Auraria Campus in Downtown Denver and performed for live TV recordings for UPN (United Paramount Network) and PBS. We have recorded a live DVD (which is bad quality) and video taped all of our shows that we played. We played at the local House Of Rock where the famous MEGADETH played unplugged a few years ago. But some of the biggest news is the new album we are pumped up for it and we are as bold as to say we think it will be a big hit with Metalheads everywhere!

Sir Lord Wraithchild: Well, let’s see writing, writing, writing! But along that line we have be doing a lot of other things like playing around town and getting “Salacia” a lot of press oh and did I say we’ve been writing!!!

Sir Chris Clark: As Ryan has said we have been playing out a lot our local fans are happy about that, we’ve been preparing lots of new material and planning for our next album. I was asked to participate in a side project called POSEIDON’S ANGER with Sascha and others from RITUAL STEEL. We have put that on hold because both of our bands are very obviously busy, that and I have graduated from college and am looking for a better day job lol.

Sir Wolf Farkas: I’ve just been practicing a whole lot and attending college.

Sir Lee Glide: I am currently recording with AUDIOCHILDE in my own studio. The album should be around by the start of the New Year. I have also been helping out KOT with their new demos….which are just incredible I might add….

Sir Dave Churchill: I played for Chris’s mom’s wedding.


You guys will be releasing a single called "The Cathedral Walls" soon. What prompted you to record a single instead of a full EP?


Sir Ryan Darnell: Reason why we are doing a single and not an EP is because we are not releasing a disc of the single, it’s strictly a radio single for now. Kind of like what we did with “Shattered Highlands” before “Salacia” was released.

Sir Lord Wraithchild: It’s a good way to show the old saying “the calm before the storm” in a sense “Cathedral” is just a taste of what’s to come and believe me this storm is MASSIVE!

Sir Chris Clark: It is because we just want people to get an idea of what is to come on the album ahead, they will see that things are well with us and that our new album is going to be killer. This is a song from our new album and so I feel that there is no reason to make a whole EP around it.

Sir Lee Glide: Can’t have too much of a good thing all at once….


What can we expect from the single musically?


Sir Ryan Darnell: A song in the style of our “Salacia” hit: “Posies In Thy Hand”, it’s a very melodic and unique song with a very catchy chorus sang by Wraithchild. The song is the direction our band has been slowly evolving to go for a while now. The song will be on the new album as well. Musically it will have very melodic and fun parts that you will probably enjoy very much.

Sir Lord Wraithchild: This one has a haunting melody to it that goes very well with the story being told through the lyrics and is a powerful song I’m proud of the way this one turned out.

Sir Chris Clark: Very interesting drumming from me and some very good guitar melodies along with an enchanting story you can’t go wrong.


You also are working on a brand-new album. What can you tell us about the material so far, both musically as lyrically?


Sir Ryan Darnell: Well, this is the first time we have announced this publicly, so here it is; the name of our new album is: “The Red Skies Of Aquarius”. It is about a 13 song album that will probably edge the 80 minute mark once more. Musically it will be a fun and hard hitting as we now, in my opinion have started to find the style our band has been trying to get to since we formed in 2002. I have to say that I am extremely proud of our new music and it’s the first time I personally have felt this confident. Musically, “The Red Skies Of Aquarius” is a classic Heavy Metal styled album, with influences heavy in IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, ANGEL WITCH, DIAMOND HEAD, LED ZEPPELIN, Ozzy Osbourne (Rhoads Era), QUIET RIOT and especially…MEGADETH. This album I noticed since I started writing its music has been extremely fun and yet very challenging. But yet, I’ll admit with full confidence that I never have written more with my heart than I have for “The Red Skies Of Aquarius”. I take this album to heart and it’s my love and pride and joy. We have been working on songs for this since the end of “Salacia” recording in May 2003, I am happy to say that this album is my gift back to Heavy Metal for all the great things it has done for me and this is a gift to anyone who’s ever loved Heavy Metal. Lyrically, “The Red Skies Of Aquarius” has taken a vacation away from our usual history themes. The lyrics and themes range from politics, environment, religion, horror, theology, legends and yes, history and mythology! I promise you that the lyrics for this new album will be intense!

Sir Lord Wraithchild: “The Red Skies Of Aquarius” or “Red Skies” in it’s short-term name is turning out to be everything I always thought we as a band could achieve and in fact goes beyond those boundaries to a higher level indeed our fans are in for quite a treat we took a lot of time and put a lot of effort into this album, a lot of heart is in this CD and I just know our fans will truly enjoy this one headbanging through it’s nearly 80 minutes of Metal and mayhem!!

Sir Chris Clark: Well since Ryan and Wraith said most of what there is to be said about this album already I will only tell you that the music and the material in my eyes reflects a lot of emotions and what is going on in our times, musically it also shows a new side in my drumming a bit more aggressive at the same times showing my more Thrashy influences and at others into my Rock drumming influences. I try to convey every emotion that I can with this album, some would say that it is hard to do as a drummer. Dynamics are important and in Metal when trying to convey a message I can’t stick with one style of drumming throughout the entire album much as I did on “Salacia” it has to change from song to song you can expect a lot of that as well, also some great tomwork.

Sir Wolf Farkas: The solos will be different from what I usually play. I’m more of a progressive guitarist, but it will be interesting to play leads in a different style.

Sir Lee Glide: From what I have heard so far……Kick Ass…


Which expectations do you have for it?


Sir Ryan Darnell: I have high expectations for this album. The highest I have ever had with any of our music we have ever released. I think that people will find the album refreshing and very fun to listen to! I hope that one day people may refer to it as one of the best Metal releases of all time and I hope it influences many people to pick up a guitar and play Metal again!

Sir Lord Wraithchild: “Red Skies” is a high energy album full of blasting Metal riffs, screams and beats to really sink your teeth into yes truly the expectations are soaring here!

Sir Chris Clark: I would certainty hope that the world would accept our music with open arms and see that it will be a breath of fresh air, different from all the rest that sounds the same anymore and yet is still powerful Metal. I hope that it helps the world to realize who we really are.

Sir Wolf Farkas: I expect that it will be a good album and I hope it will be successful.

Sir Lee Glide: I see a new benchmark being created…..hell yes….

Sir Dave Churchill: Turn’s out great and be successful with it!


Nathan has been replaced by Chris "Wolf" Farkas, a former KNIGHTS OF TETHYS member. Is he a full member again and what led to the change?


Sir Ryan Darnell: Originally, I fired Wolf in July, because I thought maybe the KNIGHTS OF TETHYS wasn’t the right band for his mostly progressive style of lead guitar. Afterward, I hired on Nathan Walker, he was incredible but I noticed that from the start, he wasn’t into the whole “Heavy Metal” thing. He didn’t want to wear the leather, he wanted us to modernize and be something we just couldn’t be. I realized that Nathan was miserable with us after a while and it took our show at the House of Rock for me to realize something. For the show at the House of Rock I hired Wolf to comeback and play with Nathan and us on stage, WE HAD THREE GUITARISTS ON STAGE! It was incredible, but I noticed that Wolf had become more mature and he seemed to clean up his guitar tone. Well sure enough Nathan quit our band less than a week later, maybe by fate and maybe not. We have no hard feelings between our band and Nathan, I just wish that he would have given me a bit more notice or left sooner so I could have planned more. So, about two weeks ago I hired back Wolf and he has come back with a vengeance, his new guitar parts on the single are incredible. I am very proud of Wolf’s progress and maturity since the short time since we played with him; I see a bright future with him. On the album, we will have three guitarists: Chris “Wolf”, Lee Glide and me Ryan Darnell. You can expect a very bright sound.

Sir Lord Wraithchild: yes indeed it’s been a hell of a ride for the K.O.T. these past few months as you’ve read from Ryan’s answer above we had some fun playing “Who’s That Lead?” some people would tell us they wanted to be on our next album only to confess to us later that they weren’t happy playing the “Old School” and all they really wanted was the “bar scene” to be a “Local Hero” meanwhile we just wanted to figure out what our line up for “Red Skies” would be so that we could prepare for it’s press release and such but on the plus side Wolf seems to be the missing piece that we were looking for all along it just took a second glance to fit the piece.

Sir Wolf Farkas: This will be a great opportunity to get some more recording experience as well as try playing a different style then what I’m used to.

Sir Lee Glide: When I first met Wolf, I thought….wow…this kid could be good. Just needs some more mileage. I can’t wait to hear him again…


"Salacia" received pretty good reviews all over, did you send it out to record labels, too and if so, which answers did you get for it?


Sir Ryan Darnell: Yes, I was very happy with the reviews! However, I can see that I have one regret, the production of “Salacia” was purely awful and a lot of reviewers pointed out that, which I appreciate. I will make sure that this time around it is much better. Yes, we have sent out to a few labels and as I expected the production was harshly criticized, however the music was loved and that’s all that really matters. As for labels we are in SERIOUS discussion with two. In other news we landed a big distribution deal with Sentinel Steel Records that we are proud of. A lot of the labels so far have loved it but couldn’t release our album before 2006 and we want to release it in mid 2005. So if there are any labels interested, please write us.

Sir Lord Wraithchild: “Salacia” did great all around except for that production thing and I think we learned our lesson on that one! But this time around I feel we are stronger in every sense anyway.

Sir Chris Clark: Well it seems that most of the record labels we sent our materials were interested but a lot of the time the record labels could not afford us in the end and the interest only goes so far, but mostly yes we got a positive response from labels, but as I said a lot of them are on extremely tight budgets and cannot afford to help us out. It’s a shame we hope to find another label between here and when our next album is done recording however.


On your site I read that KNIGHTS OF TETHYS have been knighted by some private knighting association. How did that come to be and how official is it to be knighted by a union like that?


Sir Ryan Darnell: Yeah I don’t know all the details on that one all I know is I think it’s pretty cool! Chris just got the email one day and told us: “Dude we are Knighted!” I thought it was brutal! I think the Knighting Association is out of South America or Spain or something.

Sir Lord Wraithchild: Dude, how do you explain that your now Sir Lord Wraithchild or rather, SIR Lord Oddleif Wraithchild, The Wicked no less truly an honour! I just wish we knew more about the association who knighted us.

Sir Chris Clark: Not really sure myself about it, it’s pretty cool, a private organization knighted us and I am proud of that, I think it is most interesting, the details are rather slim, but nonetheless it makes things interesting for us after all we are the “Knights Of Tethys.”

Sir Dave Churchill: I think its very cool and a great thing!


Which album in musical history would you wish was yours and why?


Sir Ryan Darnell: BOSTON - “Third Stage” (Because the guitar tones on that album brought tears to my eyes!)

Sir Lord Wraithchild: KING DIAMOND’s masterpiece “The Puppet Master”. I truly feel that it’s KING’s best writing yet a spine-chilling storyline, killer guitar riffs, heart pounding drums and bass lines and let’s not forget new arrival Livia! Her haunting voice on “So Sad” nearly brought me to tears if KING keeps writing like this not only will he give other writers in horror a run for there money he just might put them out of business. Bravo, King!!

Sir Chris Clark: Truly a very hard question, I would probably say IRON MAIDEN’s “Number Of The Beast”.

Sir Wolf Farkas: I could choose any DREAM THEATER album, but if I had to choose just one, I’d choose “Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory”.

Sir Lee Glide: “Seventh Son”...still gives me Goosebumps even after all these years…..

Sir Dave Churchill: EAGLES – “Long Run”


How important do you think is the internet nowadays to promote an up and coming band?


Sir Ryan Darnell: It is very important because it is nearly the only way to find fan bases around the world and industry contacts that in the 80’s would have only been possible by getting into a printed magazine or get on mainstream radio. It has helped us out a lot and I suggest EVERY upcoming band promote online, or else they will never get the attention they deserve or need to survive, especially if they are a Metal band in America.

Sir Lord Wraithchild: The web has helped us over a thousand walls and more I do think it would have been nearly impossible to get the attention we have without the net to guide us great tool for unsigned bands to use.

Sir Wolf Farkas: The internet is a quick way to get your band known to people all over the world.

Sir Lee Glide: Almost crucial…..without a doubt the most effective way to reach and be reached by the masses….the internet has definitely changed the way bands operate….one search on Google and you’re discovered…

Sir Dave Churchill: Very important, when it first came out it wasn’t as important now everyone is using it.


What do you love to hate in the music industry?


Sir Ryan Darnell: Nu-Metal, Emo Punk, Pop Music and arrogant musicians who sell out.

Sir Lord Wraithchild: Corporate bull-shit, the sheer nonsense of it all you know the industry is shit when all these no talent cock suckers feed off the hard earned money of bands with twice their talent and energy just because some fat cat think that some girl will get off on the cover art total bull shit!!!!

Sir Wolf Farkas: Nu Metal, Pop

Sir Lee Glide: I agree with Dave….Pop shit is…shite (just hate to have that said one more time)….Record industries should be shot and hung out to dry….full of empty promises…..unless you’re Britney Spears….although thankfully I’m not….

Sir Dave Churchill: Very shallow, all the Pop shit is way to shallow with no depth or warmth, no music from the heart. Some new stuff is good but most of shit is empty Pop shit.


If time travel was possible, which historical period would you like to visit and why? What would you miss the most from our time?


Sir Ryan Darnell: 4,000 B.C.: And try to find out if an alien race really did affect the Egyptian and Sumerian cultures.

Sir Lord Wraithchild: Back to Norse times, back to being a Viking being able to have true freedom, to be able to live in an age where if I wanted to just go horse-backing for 2 years living off the land hunting with nothing but swords and bows and being able to ride wherever I wanted would be a dream plus then it would be a lot easier to learn the ways of my people without having countless other people changing the way it was rightfully done.

Sir Chris Clark: Hard to say I would probably say ancient china around the three kingdoms period of 180 to 221 AD I would like to meet the famous warrior Lu Bu or Cao Cao, whom really did exist. Also the Times of the Shoguns in Japan and the Tokugawa era would be interesting to visit, I would probably miss the comforts of modern day living heat and the internet lol.

Sir Wolf Farkas: It would be cool to visit the early Baroque and Renaissance eras as well as the 1800’s and the early to mid 1900’s.

Sir Lee Glide: Back to when the Rock scene started……give the hair bands a few pairs of scissors and then proceed to “Cut some heads”…Metal style…

Sir Dave Churchill: 1920: because it was a party time and not much to worry about or maybe the beginning of man’s existence and maybe the dinosaur’s age, I think the future would be much better to visit!


If your music was an emotion, what would it be?


Sir Ryan Darnell: Personal Triumph

Sir Lord Wraithchild: Hard earned, VICTORY!

Sir Wolf Farkas: Musical bliss

Sir Lee Glide: An emotion only me, a guitar and a good women could describe….lol

Sir Dave Churchill: Joy.


Just as a side question - what do you think about "The Metal Observer"?


Sir Ryan Darnell: It’s the best online Metal magazine out there! \m/ They have been there to promote our band from the beginning and we think “The Metal Observer” kicks a Metal ass!!!!!!!!! \m/

Sir Lord Wraithchild: The ONLY Metal webzine in my words. You guys really care about Heavy Metal and it shows keep the faith!!!!

Sir Wolf Farkas: Great magazine!

Sir Lee Glide: Your keeping it real….”YOU ROCK”….

Sir Dave Churchill: Think it’s really cool all of the promotion they’ve done for us.


2002: Demo Crusades (MCD, Self-production)

2003: Salacia (CD, Self-production)

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