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Stinking Lizaveta - Caught Between Worlds (6,5/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Instrumental
Label: At A Loss Recordings
Playing time: 61:25
Band homepage: Stinking Lizaveta


  1. Beyond The Shadows
  2. Caught Between Worlds
  3. Out Of Breath >mp3
  4. Scientist Of The Future
  5. I Denounce The Government
  6. Last Wish
  7. Over The Edge
  8. Sketches Of Pain
  9. Sop Laughing
  10. Side Naked
  11. Prayer For The Living
  12. Staying Here Intro
  13. Staying Here
  14. Someone's Downstairs
  15. Day Of Dust
  16. Man Day
Stinking Lizaveta - Caught Between Worlds

Nine out of ten times when you mention the words 'an instrumental album' to someone, they would assume it consists of flashy guitars and out of control drumming. I am happy to announce here that this is something completely different. This three-piece composes songs that never really repeat themselves twice and span the globe of genres in terms of what they use.


Let's take the opener "Beyond The Shadows." Sure, it opens up with sluggish and distorted riffs and solid drumming, but if you hang in there, the tempo and pacing picks up ten fold and gets a little psychedelic. It's pretty fucked up when you're exposed to this unusual brand of music making. If you stick with it for a little bit, things get crazy when the guitar loses control and goes balls out. When you mess with the Doom/Stoner genre, you wouldn't really expect a song to get a little melodic, but even though the guitar work remains metallic and the drums continue to pound away, "Last Wish" manages to throw in some melodies just to shake things up.


Once again, it's an interesting listen if you are into different types of landscapes. The best thing about SL is that they mange to be in the same genre as SABBATH, KYUSS and the like and they don't sound anything like them. They truly stand out. The compositions are bold, wild, imaginative and daring. Their albums may not make them millionaires, but they are talented composes who won't compromise for the sake of a dollar. (Online February 9, 2005)

Joe Florez

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