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World Below - Sacrifices To The Moon (9/10) - Sweden - 2004

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Doom Symphony
Playing time: 49:29
Band homepage: World Below


  1. Blood For Draculic >mp3
  2. Sacrifices To The Moon >mp3
  3. Ancient Rites Of The Black Cult
  4. A Forgotten Civilization
  5. Mist Of Death
  6. Vengeance
  7. Gatherings In The Forest
  8. Witch Brew >mp3
World Below - Sacrifices To The Moon

As well as the Gods of CANDLEMASS, WORLD BELOW come from Sweden. Also the style of this trio (including two CARNAL FORGE members) is similar, though they have no Messiah Marcolin on vocals, of course. But Jonas Kjellgren, that’s his name, does also an amazing performance, though he’s not the greatest in terms of technic. He suits perfectly to the gloomy, ultra heavy aural tragedies of the band.


They also offer some psychedelic touches like in “Ancient Rites Of The Black Cult”, which sounds also very impressive. WORLD BELOW are a bit more various than other Doom bands, but they never leave this genre. “A Forgotten Civilization” is just great, heavy as fuck and intense like hell... I can’t understand, why some reviews speak about a boring track in this case... The creativity and the surprising breaks are really astonishing and pleasing!


The packaging of this record is also great, I have a sort of Digi-Book in my hands. Looks really luxurious... The Italian label Doom Symphony, which is a sub label of Underground Symphony, did a really great job. The same goes for the production, the sound is crystal clear and thick! What should I say else about this album, it contains all elements, we love about this genre and the results are eight incredibly great and intense epic tracks. Buyers of the last THUNDERSTORM and FORSAKEN records must have this crushing album, too. This is how the comeback album of CANDLEMASS has to sound to... (Online February 12, 2005)

Ralf Henn

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