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Diecast - Tearing Down Your Blue Skies (8/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 38:28
Band homepage: -


  1. Fire/Damage >mp3
  2. Seize The Day
  3. Torn From Within
  4. Savior
  5. Rise And Oppose
  6. Sacrifice
  7. Medieval
  8. Traitor
  9. These Days
  10. Pendulum >mp3
  11. Rebirth
Diecast - Tearing Down Your Blue Skies

It almost seems as if there was a competition between the established Metal labels for the best new Metalcore band. Especially Metal Blade Records with UNEARTH, IF HOPE DIES or CATARACT (just to name a few) or Roadrunner Records with KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, CALIBAN and the contracts with what are probably the two most well-known American Hard- and Metalcore labels, Trustkill Records (BLEEDING THROUGH, POISON THE WELL, HOPESFALL, THROWDOWN, …) and Ferret Music (SCARLET, BLOOD HAS BEEN SHED, TWELVE TRIBES, …), count among the most hard-working discoverers and supporters of this sound. But others have smelled the roast as well and thus it isn’t surprising that Century Media let loose the next potential candidate for a place among the top 10 of this genre.


This label does absolutely not break new ground either on this note and one thing seems certain, DIECAST could quite have something to say. “Tearing Down Your Blue Skies” is not the first try of this five-piece troop hailing from Boston, but after “Undo The Wicked” (1998) and “Day Of Reckoning” (2001) it constitutes the third work, which is able to shine in all respects. Technical proficiency, lots of ideas and the ability to combine all of the influences is quite impressive. The borders between Hardcore and Heavy Metal disappear more and more. With DIECAST, brutal vocals alternate with wonderfully melodic vocal parts excellentlly in an impressive way, at the same time Thrash Metal, Hardcore, Death Metal and even bits of Power Metal duel with each other musically without blocking each other’s way at all. Harmonic unison, you could think, and basically it is like that, as they skilfully renounced to real rough edges within the songs.


Thus there is the condition that a certain hit potential surrounds this album, which must not be understood negatively, because as a consequence of this catchiness you really get into “Tearing Down Your Blue Skies” after the first spin already. Nevertheless the disc is not superficial but it can be heard for a quite long period of time without getting weaker. Songs such as the moving opener “Fire/Damage”, the short but immensely pertinent “Seize The Day” or ”Sacrifice”, which can labelled as an anthem, will quickly convince the audience. With a song like “Savior” you are almost tempted to claim that the band has a New Metal vein, as especially in this song similarities to Modern Metal winners DISTURBED can be found. But fans of the Power Metal institution NEVERMORE should also appreciate the Americans’ compositions. And somebody who is furthermore able to create such massively brutal breakdowns as on “Traitor” or “Rebirth” has almost succeeded anyway in my opinion and does not need to fear comparison to the numerous established Metalcore acts in any way.


This bastard between the most different influences of Metal and Hardcore has turned out so well-done that you just have to wish for this band to be able to convince the fans quickly. The fact that the production of the eleven songs in total was done equally perfectly (produced by Paul Trust in the Dungeon Recording Studio) actually does not need to be mentioned here separately. Now it is up to you only to give DIECAST a fair chance and lend or even give “Tearing Down Your Blue Skies” your ears. (Online February 13, 2005)

Alexander Ehringer

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