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Avulsed - Gorespattered Suicide (8/10) - Spain - 2005

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Age Productions
Playing time: 44:53
Band homepage: Avulsed


  1. Gorespattered Suicide
  2. Burnt But Not Carbonised
  3. Filth Injected
  4. Infernal Haemorrhoids
  5. 4 N Sick
  6. Harvesting The Blood
  7. Let Me Taste Your Flesh
  8. Hoax Therapy
  9. Divine Wine
  10. Protervia
  11. Eat Foetal Mush
  12. Ace Of Spades
Avulsed - Gorespattered Suicide

Read the track titles above. Read them again. You know what’s coming don’t you? Yep three quarters of an hour of dodgy, puerile tosh, a group of lads having a lark and foisting you and me with a load of drivel, right? WRONG. Here we have AVULSED bursting through your door with some top notch, intelligently presented Death Metal mayhem.


What we have here, boys and girls, is a fine example of base brutality interplayed with menacing melodies. The production is crispier than a cockroach sandwich allowing the bottom end to steamroller a path for the guitars which variably snipe and strafe through this panoply of the unpleasant. AVULSED deliver a wide spectrum of techniques, all bound within the Death Metal context. Whether it be thrash influenced mid-paced crunch or full on break neck blasting, the band have a change in tempo or aspect around every corner, in that regard they make me think that this is how ABSU would sound if they were 100% Death Metal. The guitars are highly communicative for this genre, and the riffs change quicker than Imelda changes her shoes.


Vocally you can look forward to archetypal, lower than a rats bollock, belly busting delivery, which of course perfectly compliments this form of music. The lead guitar work is insistent and there is often a hint of Spain in the lead riffs, including the odd folk influenced passage such as the acoustic guitar on “Divine Wine.” However eloquent the lead work is though the rhythm guitar is lurking nearby waiting to drop an anvil on your head. Tempo is usually kept brisk but there are plenty of speed runs, and slower stomping sessions. The man with the sticks loves his snare drum and displays his prowess at whatever the required velocity is. Personally I prefer when AVULSED set their tails on fire, but it has to be said that the dynamics keep you interested and so appreciate the faster sections more. You can’t go wrong with “4N Sick,” “Let Me Taste Your Flesh” or “Eat Foetal Mush” (A varied diet is indeed good for you!) In fact you can’t go wrong with the album as a whole, the 15 second treasure that is “Infernal Haemorrhoids” giving you a warm old school grin and being a case in point. Don’t miss the wrong footer intro to “Filth Injection” either, I was expecting a DIMMU BORGIR number rather than the Thrashy Death Metal that followed.


Mention must be made of the MOTÖRHEAD cover, “Ace Of Spades.” Now everything could have gone tits up here if AVULSED had closed the album with a lemon. They have, however, kept close enough to the original to keep me happy, after all it must be just about the most recognisable Metal song on the planet. The band is in fact note perfect in many parts, whilst the obvious differences being the gutter level vocals and much crunchier rhythm guitar. They have not unnecessarily speeded it up either, just given it a bit of a DM paint job.


“Gorespattered Suicide” is a thoroughly enjoyable extreme Metal romp. AVULSED have given the songwriting some thought and spewed up some tasty chunks for the discerning Death Metal head. My only negative thought would be perhaps that there is no real killer standout track, then again perhaps I’m being spoiled by the quality that each track possesses. (Online February 14, 2005)

Niall MacCartney

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