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Manticora - 8 Deadly Sins (8/10) - Denmark - 2004

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 54:53
Band homepage: Manticora


  1. If
  2. King Of The Absurd
  3. Playing God
  4. Melancholic
  5. Creator Of Failure >mp3
  6. It Felt Like The End
  7. Enigma
  8. Fall Of Grace
  9. Help Me Like No One Can >mp3
  10. If, Then
Manticora - 8 Deadly Sins

MANTICORA are the FATES WARNING of Power Metal. While they are releasing quality albums after quality albums, it still seems like they don’t get the success and the recognition they truly deserve. Since their debut album “Dead End Solution” to this new one, MANTICORA kept getting better and better with each release. “8 Deadly Sins” mark a new step into MANTICORA’s evolution. Saying they are going progressive would be cliché, and not really true. In fact, the change comes from a more focus approach in song writing. The guys know what they want and it shows. They don’t play the music they think will be “cool” or “trendy”.


When they add an influence in their music, it is because they truly feel it is what the best for the music and the message they want to deliver. While Power Metal suffers from an international cloning campaign, MANTICORA proclaim the true voice of what originality and own identity should be. From the unique vocal tone of Lars, to the incredibly talented guitarists, this band created in only four albums, an incredible Power Metal legacy, and the word is not that pushed.


From the multilayered vocal harmonies, to the incisive, razor-sharp guitar riffs, everything flows perfectly. Without following any particular template, MANTICORA doesn’t venture to far from the Power Metal mould, which means you’ll get plenty of fast double bass drums lines couple with top notch soloing. Like it was for “Hyperion”, their latest album, “8 Deadly Sins” is also a concept, thus, songs are to be taken as a whole instead of unique pieces. Everything flows like a good story that keeps you hooked until the end of it.


What is next for MANTICORA may be unclear yet, but it sure looks bright already! (Online February 15, 2005)

Mathieu Chamberland

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