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Cannibal Corpse - Gore Obsessed (9/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 44:45
Band homepage: Cannibal Corpse


  1. Savage Butchery
  2. Hatchet To The Head
  3. Pit Of Zombies
  4. Dormant Bodies Bursting
  5. Compelled To Lacerate
  6. Drowning In Viscera
  7. Hung And Bled
  8. Sanded Faceless
  9. Mutation Of The Cadaver
  10. When Death Replaces Life
  11. Grotesque
  12. No Remorse (bonustrack)
Cannibal Corpse - Gore Obsessed
Is it that time again? CANNIBAL CORPSE comes with yet another album. And in the vein of the earlier releases, the title and lyrics are on the same path as before: Gory lyrics involving dead, blood and all affiliated phenomena. But honestly, this is no reason to listen or not listen to a band.

As for the music, on the new album, the band continues in the vein of "Bloodthirst" and "Gallery Of Suicide". Besides the lyrics, the musical concepts have never changed drastically throughout the career of this Floridian Death Metal-act. "Gore Obsessed" is another good release, but it would be wrong to mention this one in one breath with the previously mentioned albums. On the new album, the band seems to have refound a part of the intensity that made them so popular (the song "Hammer Smashed Face" can be considered as one of Metal's classic-tracks). Corpsegrinder delivers yet another class performance, showing that he indeed has more to offer than so many other vocalists in the packed Death Metal-scene. This album is indeed (to quote a song title) a "Hatchet To The Head", an excellent Death Metal-onslaught.

Some of the highlights include the song "Savage Butchery", "Pit Of Zombies", "Compelled To Lacerate" and "Grotesque". I should also mention the great version of METALLICA's "No Remorse" that is included on the limited DigiPak-version of "Gore Obsessed". This shows that, unlike what people that oppose CANNIBAL CORPSE say, the band is indeed a collection of excellent musicians!

As for all songs being the same… I can see what one would mean. But first of all, it's not THAT bad on this record, the songs still have an identity of their own, and secondly, it's not a crime to stay true to the Metal-style you make as long as you make sure it's still of great quality… And that's what CANNIBAL CORPSE delivers on "Gore Obsessed", another highlight in the long history of this band. And if the future albums will sound like this… GREAT!!

Recommendable for all CANNIBAL CORPSE-fans, and a good CD to pick up when you want to check them out (though "Live Cannibalism" might be the best album for newcomers to check out, since it's more or less a best-of-CANNIBAL CORPSE).

Vincent Portegijs

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