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Switchblade - Switchblade Serenade (3/10) - Denmark - 2004

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Perris Records
Playing time: 44:12
Band homepage: Switchblade


  1. Pumping Beat
  2. Switchblade Serenade
  3. Back Up
  4. Sentenced
  5. Smokin Stacks
  6. Tattooed
  7. Fade
  8. Down 'N' Dirty
  9. Live It Up
  10. Hate U
  11. Hot Rockin
Switchblade - Switchblade Serenade

Dirty, sweat-drenched Hard Rock from Denmark. Almost enough to do the review for Danish SWITCHBLADE. Can sound good, as AMERICAN DOG have shown more than often, so can the quartet from Copenhagen follow in their footsteps?


As sorry as I am, the answer simply is NO! The music of the band is very simple and elsewhere has been called “one of the best Sleaze bands of the recent years”. I know many Sleaze bands from the Eighties, I have “grown up” musically with some of them, but when I listen to “Switchblade Serenade”, then I really ask myself, if the gentleman had heard the same CD as me, because I cannot comprehend that whatsoever.


The songs have to major problems: Absolutely no highlights (at least not during the first eight songs) and the voice of Ken Anthony, which is gritty, but does not have much to do with real singing, because he a) can hardly hold any note and b) all too often does not hit the notes that he is aiming for, lacking most volume and range, which unfortunately continues into the choruses, which are more bawled than sung and leave me very unsatisfied.


Only the two songs “Live It Up“ and “Hate U“ have more energy and all and the vocals are not as bad, but apart from that I have to say that almost all songs are borne down by them. The riffing is not bad and fits the style, but most songs simply lack memorability and class to win me over.


Altogether very unsatisfying almost 45 minutes (more than once) that I won’t get back anymore. Absolutely not recommended. (Online February 16, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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