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Primordial - The Gathering Wilderness (9/10) - Ireland - 2005

Genre: Pagan Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 59:34
Band homepage: Primordial


  1. The Golden Spiral
  2. The Gathering Wilderness >mp3
  3. The Song Of The Tomb
  4. End Of All Times (The Martyr’s Fire)
  5. The Coffin Ships
  6. Tragedy’s Birth
  7. Cities Carved In Stone
Primordial - The Gathering Wilderness

I think the Irish Pagan Metalheads made their masterpiece in "The Gathering Wilderness“! They easily manage to craft captivating, deep and moving lengthy songs. With the black metallic touch having to make way for melancholic, doomy passages. It is omnipresent though, only not as strongly as in the past anymore. PRIMORDIAL suffer, no, lament so intensely over their grief you can hardly resist it. A grief about disillusioned world and an indifferent mankind!


It is a pagan, musical journey to long forgotten ages when man was close to nature and undepraved. This was put on stage perfectly and I don’t know many bands that manage to build up such an emotional mood. One who has once heard pieces like “The Coffin Ships” with its gigantic acoustic opening or the superb track “Tragedy’s Birth”, is captured…All songs have the certain something that sets PRIMORDIAL apart from average combos. The slight BATHORY touch still soars lightly above the material, even though not directly perceptibly anymore.


Credits go to singer Alan who really moves to tears here, with his suffering, emotionally stirring vocal performance. Sometimes it seems like he was a bit off-track time-wise and he conjures up memories of Quorthon and Lee Dorrian. But just this kind of completely non-commercial singing makes up for a big part of this album’s magic The production is very raw and sounds somewhat chapped at the beginning…But eventually it fits the mammoth compositions quite well. Possibly a production the way OPETH’s “Damnation” had it would have fit better. However: PRIMORDIAL have created a great movie (for the ears) and impress me very much! (Online February 17, 2005)

Ralf Henn

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