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Firewind - Forged By Fire (9/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Toshiba - EMI (Japan)
Playing time: 49:36
Band homepage: Firewind


  1. Kill To Live
  2. Beware The Beast
  3. Tyranny >mp3
  4. The Forgotten Memory
  5. Hateworld Hero
  6. Escape From Tomorrow
  7. Feast Of The Savages
  8. Burn In Hell
  9. Perished In Flames
  10. Land Of Eternity
  11. Confide
Firewind - Forged By Fire

This new third album of the Greek FIREWIND is truly a crusher in terms of melodic Power Metal. Furious riffs and a pressuring production underline that. They push the pedal right from the start, one ingenious anthem follows another. Just take already the opener “Kill To Live” with its killer riffing and its brilliant vocals, performed by new entry Chity Somapala, known from his former work with AVALON. But I never heard him that aggressive and still melodic. “Beware The Beast” is on the same level, just great. The following song “Tyranny” is a highlight, blowing everything away – still with a killer chorus and incredible guitars... “The Forgotten Memory” is another power song with much pressure.


“Hateworld Hero” is a little bit more serious, it contains a thick Hard Rock touch and shines with strong, polyphonic choirs and an atmospheric acoustic guitar. Sounds like old SCORPIONS in their good times. Now I also slowly understand, why axeman Gus is a guitar god in Japan. His solos are really “divine”, but you must say, that he was also strong on DREAM EVIL and MYSTIC PROPHECY. But on FIREWIND, he seems to be the strongest, in my opinion.


PS: will be also released on Century Media! (Online February 21, 2005)

Ralf Henn

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