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My Dying Bride - Like Gods Of The Sun (8,5/10) - Great Britain - 1996

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Peaceville Records
Playing time: 54:13
Band homepage: My Dying Bride


  1. Like Gods Of The Sun
  2. The Dark Caress
  3. Grace Unhearing
  4. A Kiss To Remember
  5. All Swept Away
  6. For You
  7. It Will Come
  8. Here In The Throat
  9. For My Fallen Angel
My Dying Bride - Like Gods Of The Sun
MY DYING BRIDE are, and for a good reason, considered as one of the best (if not THE best) Doom Metal-bands. They started off with the classic albums, "As The Flower Withers" and "Turn Loose The Swans", and changed their style a little bit (leaving out the grunts and replacing them by very sad-sounding clean vocals, and adding violins to the mix) to release a CD that is considered by many as their magnum opus, "The Angel And The Dark River". "Like Gods Of The Sun" is the follow-up to this album.

Where "The Angel And The Dark River" was relatively slow, but very doomy, the guitars on "Like Gods Of The Sun" are heavier, and the riffs are generally a bit more up-pace than the earlier work. On this album, the violins have also gotten a bigger part in the whole. The sad sound of the violins works out pretty well with the vocals of Aaron, making this album, although relatively heavy for Doom-means, still as dark as you would expect from a Doom Metal-act. Songs like "The Dark Caress", "Grace Unhearing" and the beautiful "For My Fallen Angel" are Doom until the very core, including the slow, heavy riffs, while songs like "Here In The Throat" and the title track are examples of the faster material. Ok, I must make clear that in no way the "faster" parts are comparable to say Thrash Metal, but I mean to say that this fast for Doom Metal-standards. It is hard to say what sounds better, I rather like both types equally.

I mentioned the vocals: they are all clean and sound very sad, which contributes to the dark atmosphere on the album. At some times this is too much though. I like my Doom with some grunts every now and then. Now, this doesn't make this album bad, but there is a bit of diversity lacking in the vocals. Also, some of the riffs tend to be repeated too many times, though I must admit this is not as obvious as on "The Angel And The Dark River". It's not like these points are really that disturbing, but it's more that this album could have been better (as a matter of fact, the releases after this CD, "The Light At The End Of The World" and "The Dreadful Hours" re-introduce the grunts and they more or less return to the "old style", but with a variety of elements taken from this album incorporated in the music).

Overall I like this album a lot. Maybe it's not as much Doom Metal music-wise as the other MY DYING BRIDE-releases, but it is a great Metal-release, that's for sure! I don't think this is a bad purchase for any Metalhead, as we are still talking about a release by one of the greatest Metal-acts in the last decade.

Vincent Portegijs

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