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Raising Fear - Mythos (4/10) - Italy - 2005

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Dragonheart Records
Playing time: 58:30
Band homepage: Raising Fear


  1. Thorr
  2. Theseus
  3. Fenrir
  4. Montezuma >mp3
  5. Merlin >mp3
  6. The Goddess
  7. Charon
  8. Ocasta
  9. Gilgamesh
  10. Angel Witch
Raising Fear - Mythos

RAISING FEAR developed out from the two Italian bands WAR TRAINS and HELREIDH and RAISING FEAR have (unfortunately) nothing to do with ARMORED SAINT (remember their classic “Raising Fear”). You can easily recognize their Italian origin, though the band isn’t too much into this Happy Metal thing. It rather reminds me of a mediocre GRAVE DIGGER clone, but the vocals can never keep up with a Chris Boltendahl.


The opener of the album sounds promising, it has a good structure and in the end, there are cool acoustic guitars... Then rules average material. “Octasa” raises a bit hope, but the rest is just mediocre – not bad, but who needs an average copy of GRAVE DIGGER? Nobody, and I have no clue, why they furthermore rape the band’s classic “Angel Witch”. To cover this sanctuary song is nothing but blasphemy! And the horrible cover is then the next point. “Mythos” is totally unnecessary! (Online February 26, 2005)

Ralf Henn

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