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Kreator - Enemy Of God (9,5/10) - Germany - 2005

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Steamhammer
Playing time: 55:48
Band homepage: Kreator


  1. Enemy Of God
  2. Impossible Brutality >mp3
  3. Suicide Terrorist
  4. World Anarchy
  5. Dystopia
  6. Voices Of The Dead
  7. Murder Fantasies
  8. When Death Takes It’s Dominion
  9. One Evil Comes – A Million Follow
  10. Dying Race Apocalypse
  11. Under A Total Blackened Sky
  12. The Ancient Plague
Kreator - Enemy Of God

Probably there will hardly be a thrasher who has not waited for this album, right? After all it was obvious that KREATOR would take the predecessor “Violent Revolution” up musically! You could only hope though that that they would do this so greatly with “Enemy Of God”. Now there is certainty. The band has retained the predecessor’s quality, without repeating themselves though.


The twelve songs on “Enemy Of God“ are just brimming with rock hard Thrash Metal riffs, power drumming and the angry vocals by vocalist Mille. However, in direct comparison to the predecessor “Violent…” more melody has crept into the tunes, which I take into account as a plus because it makes the already strong pieces even stronger. At the beginning of the record the thrash thunderstorms “Enemy Of God”, “Impossible Brutality” and “Suicide Terrorist” blow through your ears before it gets somewhat more melodic and sinister, but not less heavy after that. Throughout the record there is no weak song to my mind and variation is provided as well. What I like particularly well are the last three tunes “Dying Race Apocalypse”, “Under A Total Blackened Sky” and “The Ancient Plague”, as they constitute a wonderful symbiosis between the sharpness of “Violent Revolution” and the melodic darkness of the “Endorama” album. Overall you can say that KREATOR play a tad darker on the new output than they do on the predecessor. Doesn’t suit the band and the music badly in any case though.


As always Mille rasps and howls really angrily through his very good and above all critical lyrics. And on the second guitar he crafts an incredibly hard slab with colleague Sami. Meanwhile the solos even resemble those of SLAYER partly. I think I am not exaggerating when I call the current line-up the band’s best one ever. All musicians do their job confidently. Joining all the positive features I have already mentioned is a very strong production to top “Enemy Of God” off. As a bonus you get the video for “Impossible Brutality” on the normal edition and some additional live cuts with the DigiPak version.


KREATOR set the bar damn high for all other Thrash Metal albums to be released this year and at the same time they delivered the best album of their career. “Violent Revolution” is not beaten by far, but overall “Enemy Of God” seems even more thought over and elaborate. Thus it should be obvious who occupied the throne of Thrash Metal in the new millennium. SLAYER and companions have to top such a masterpiece first! Must-buy for all thrashers!


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Patrick Weiler

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