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THE METAL OBSERVER - Underground Review - NEW RAGE THERAPY - s/t

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New Rage Therapy - s/t (8/10) - Canada - 2004

Genre: Modern Rock
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 21:51
Band homepage: -


  1. Alice >mp3
  2. Trip & Fall
  3. The Burn >mp3
  4. Maybe It's Me
  5. Never Know
New Rage Therapy - s/t

Based out of Barrie, Ontario, NEW RAGE THERAPY "can best be described by its apt definition: a dose of unrestrained intensity". Formed in the summer of 2003 when singer/songwriter Matt Duffin and guitarist Nate Wade met by chance the band went on to recruit long time friends bassist Aaron MacLellan and drummer Kris Loughleed to complete their line-up and begin the task of writing and recording a 5 song E.P. entitled "A Product Of Our Time".


With the help of friend James Dasilva at The Lab recording studio NEW RAGE THERAPY managed to write and record five songs which were later mixed, mastered and tweaked by Dasilva at Phase One Audio in Toronto. The result is a new age form of aggressive hard rock that is comparable in all standards to that of bands that are a staple of today’s radio playlists. Influenced by a mixture of bands like TOOL, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, SOUNDGARDEN, INCUBUS and fellow Canadians I MOTHER EARTH, NEW RAGE THERAPY have created their own spectacular sound that will soon help themselves become regular household name.


The first two tracks, "Alice" and "Trip And Fall" start out innocently enough but launch into choruses complete with excellent vocals and monster guitar power chords. With a feel that could be described as reminiscent to that of the older style SEVEN MARY THREE, the general sound of these two tracks could have been improved greatly by having a mix with a more crunchy dominant guitar sound that the band deserves compared to what I felt was a little muddy sounding. Regardless, I am already wondering why in fact someone hasn't taken notice of this unsigned act. The third track entitled "The Burn" is by far my favourite and could easily be a single to be released for radio airplay. Layered together with wailing guitars and rumbling rhythms the song has a great hook to it and makes it the kind of tune you can hear many times over without tiring of it. The final two tracks on "A Product Of Our Time" are both ballads with the finer of the two being "Never Know". There are not a lot of bands out there that can actually capture and maintain your attention with a full acoustical performance but NEW RAGE THERAPY does an awesome job on this final track with the only downfall being that the song could have been shortened down from its 5:42 minutes.


Remember the name. NEW RAGE THERAPY. This band is destined for greatness and I feel lucky to have actually had this debut E.P. fall into my hands. I can't wait to hear some more material from these guys from the Great White North and am sure that everyone will be familiar with and I would wager that the impact of this type of music is best enjoyed live so be sure to check the website for upcoming shows in an city near you. (Online February 27, 2005)

Greg Manley

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