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Primal Fear - Jaws Of Death (8/10) - Germany - 1999

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 54:11
Band homepage: Primal Fear


  1. Jaws Of Death
  2. Final Embrace >mp3
  3. Save A Prayer
  4. Church Of Blood
  5. Into The Future
  6. Under Your Spell
  7. Play To Kill
  8. Nation In Fear
  9. When The Night Comes
  10. Fight To Survive
  11. Hatred In My Soul
  12. Kill The King
Primal Fear - Jaws Of Death

“The eagle has landed!!!”. Now this is what I call Heavy Metal, untainted by the thousand of fading trends, fuck that, black jackets, leather chains and cups of beer united in a head bangers ballroom, that’s where we’re headed when spinning “Jaws Of Death”.


With Mat Sinner and the incredible Ralf Scheepers (Germany’s proud answer to a heterosexual Halford) on the same boat, PRIMAL FEAR brings you a burning release of Traditional Heavy Power Metal, Germanic in style and attitude. The songs are guitar driven with heavy and crunchy old school riffs, great melodies and explosive solos with the godly vocals of Ralf leaving you defenceless in your struggle not to like this because of the many clichés that keep you under the spell in the first place.


Tempos change between the usual double bass kicking screamers and more laid back tunes, so far everything’s sketched directly out of the notorious Metal formula. The good thing with PRIMAL FEAR is that they don’t sound as happy like HELLOWEEN or GAMMA RAY, the atmosphere has a more hard hitting edge that raises your confidence but the overall feeling of their music definitely puts a smile on my face as well.


A rather meaningless intro starts the album before ”Final Embrace” enters with double bass kicks, heavy riffs and screaming guitar solos, this one’s got Metal written all over it from start to finish. ”Church Of Blood”, ”Nation In Fear” and ”Play To Kill” are also heavy crackers while ”When The Night Comes” and ”Under Your Spell” are slower and more 80ish. A cover of RAINBOW’s ”Kill The King” rounds off the album in fine style.


Ralf’s vocals are perfect for this kind of music; it’s no surprise that he almost got the job as the new vocalist in JUDAS PRIEST when the Metal god decided to leave. The album was recorded at the famous Morrisound Studios in the U.S., which gives the album a good and solid sound, especially the guitars and drums have a dominant role in the mix.


This is Metal music that puts a smile on the listener’s face, it may be monotonous and repeating sometimes, and extremely unoriginal in today’s world but to the Metal fan, this is where the heart’s at.  If you like Heavy Power Metal, you might wanna get this, and for god’s sake, play it loud when you’re having a Metal party. (Online March 2, 2005)

Frodi Stenberg

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