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50 tablatures for Lake Of Tears

Lake Of Tears - BlackBrickRoad (9/10) - Sweden - 2004

Genre: Gothic Rock
Label: Noise Records
Playing time: 39:15
Band homepage: Lake Of Tears


  1. The Greyman >mp3
  2. Making Evenings >mp3
  3. Black Brick Road
  4. Dystopia
  5. The Organ
  6. A Trip With The Moon
  7. Sister Sinister
  8. Rainy Day Away
  9. Crazyman
Lake Of Tears - BlackBrickRoad

It can go so fast. In 2002 “The Neonai” had been the farewell album and two years later they are back, with the old line-up, Daniel Brennare, Mikael Larsson and Johan Oudhuis, new label, Noise Records, and the old sound. The old sound? Well, take “A Crimson Cosmos“ and transport it into the year 2004 and you have an idea of “BlackBrickRoad“.


That they ever could re-animate an absolute classic such as “Headstones”, especially in the heaviness of the guitars, well, nobody would have expected that anyway, but still the Swedes have retained their very original sound. Daniel Brennare will never have a real chance with “American Idol” and consorts, but his voice definitely has character and ever since their 1994 debut “Great Art” it is a key element to the LAKE OF TEARS sound.


“BlackBrickRoad“ is the title of the sixth long player of the trio and it has not lost a iota of its originality and you never suspect that they had split for a while. And the typical melancholy still is the propelling force, with opening “The Greyman” setting out with a light atmosphere, the typical guitar sound and a joy of playing that it is a real, well, joy. Compared to the early works they had ventured into more spheric regions ever since “A Crimson Cosmos”, as “Making Evenings“ or the title track confirm, where they rather play Gothic Rock, but always with the LAKE OF TEARS typical atmosphere.


“The Organ“ bears its name deservedly, as organ supported ballad with a light PINK FLOYD touch, while with “Sister Sinister” we get a pretty untypical song with a bit hoarse female vocals and also a less catchy melody than the rest, of which “Dystopia“ and the very “A Crimson Cosmos“-esque “Rainy Day Away“ sound a bit heavier and let the old LAKE OF TEARS spirit re-surface. That leaves two songs, for one “A Trip With The Moon“, which shows more crunch in the chorus’ guitars and is a potential LAKE OF TEARS classic and the closer “Crazyman”, which completely hit me unprepared.


Why? Well, because this track absolutely sounds like “Headstones“, with heavy riffing, generally more powerful guitars, also some more grit in the vocals and a fat organ to top it off, this song is fun, a lot of fun even! Definitely my favourite track on “BlackBrickRoad“, my favourite track on a really strong album that puts LAKE OF TEARS firmly back in their spot and should satisfy every fan of this band! (Online March 3, 2005)

Alexander Melzer

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