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Wirksystem - Der Himmel Brennt (5/10) - Germany - 2004

Genre: Nu-Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 49:15
Band homepage: Wirksystem


  1. Schmerz Lass Nach >mp3
  2. Bruell Loewe Bruell
  3. Ich Liebe Das Leben >mp3
  4. Flieg Weg
  5. Der Himmel Brennt
  6. Wurzeln
  7. Ein Teil
  8. Das Meer
  9. Nicht Nochmal >mp3
  10. Nah Und Fern
  11. Neuer Tag
  12. Altes Licht
  13. Du Siehst Das Nicht
  14. Arder En Ilamas
  15. Dein Weg
Wirksystem - Der Himmel Brennt

According to the press info sheet, WIRKSYSTEM already exist since beginning of the 90s. Personally, I’ve never heard something from these Nu Metallers from my home country until I received this promo here. Maybe because I was never much interested in Nu Metal (or Crossover/Alternative). But I tried to judge about “Der Himmel Brennt” without any prejudices.


But short after some spins, I can tell, that this record won’t change my opinion about this genre. Basically, WIRKSYSTEM play the same thing as KORN and Co. did some years ago with better results. The only difference is the German language, they use in their lyrics, and WIRKSYSTEM use them intelligently but sometimes it sounds also a bit weird. Lyrics like in “Bruell Loewe Bruell” or “Flieg Weg” are laughable to me. Okay, people, who have no German knowledge can overlook this point. At least, the band tries to be diversified in their songs. Songs like “Ich Liebe Das Leben”, “Nicht Nochmal” or “Altes Licht” are really catchy. Unfortunately, the muddy production often ruins all good ideas.


WIRKSYSTEM are nothing special in a musical view. But the way, WIRKSYSTEM distribute their records is very special. They copy them themselves and distribute them without charge and you can also download it from their homepage. The band is officially supported by Nero Burning ROM (I think, everybody knows this tool). The band tries to get more famous with this way, they try to lead music fans to download their songs. A great and very unique project, in my opinion.


But I would rather prefer better songs from them. I would also spent some money then. A better production would also help. They have a good ambition, but after seven records, you can expect a little bit more. Maybe you will find a better connection to their music, it’s free of charge. Probably not my cup of tea. (Online March 3, 2005)

Patrick Weiler

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