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AC/DC - Highway To Hell (10/10) - Australia - 1979

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: ATCO
Playing time: 41:32
Band homepage: AC/DC


  1. Highway To Hell
  2. Girls Got Rhythm
  3. Walk All Over You
  4. Touch Too Much
  5. Beating Around The Bush
  6. Shot Down In Flames
  7. Get It Hot
  8. If You Want Blood (You've Got It)
  9. Love Hungry Man
  10. Night Prowler
AC/DC - Highway To Hell

The last year of the seventies and the first years of the eighties have proofed to be the greatest years for AC/DC, probably the greatest Hard Rock band ever, they even survived the death of the mighty Bon Scott, whose appearance on this album "Highway To Hell" was sadly his final.


Of course Bon Scott has a superb Rock'n'Roll voice and that is one of the main reasons this album is so insanely good! Because naturally one can count on Angus and Malcolm to write brilliant catchy riffs and awesome solos, but when coupled with a vocalist like Scott it's even better! And no I have absolutely nothing against Brian Johnson, he's great as well, but Bon Scott will always be a favourite of mine. His raw 'n dirty voice perfectly fits the music.


Opener and title track "Highway To Hell" is one of the greatest classics of Rock, up there with "Hells Bells" and "Smoke On The Water". Like most AC/DC songs, great to sing-a-long to and great lyrics to piss off parents and Christians. "Girls Got Rhythm" and "Walk All Over You" are typical AC/DC songs, like a lot of others by them it's about chicks and love. They also show that AC/DC are the masters of background vocals! "Touch Too Much" is my favourite song from the band ever, mainly because of the very cool lyrics in the first verse. Angus' riffs here are classic as usual and the solo short and powerful. "Beating Around The Bush" has a real good Rock 'n' Roll feeling, with a kickass bass line. Next classic is "If You Want Blood", a live favourite that'll probably stick in your head a long time, even for AC/DC standards. Closing track "Night Prowler" is the most special track on the album, cause it's pretty slow and the playing time is long. Not the usual DC recipe. But it definitely is one of the greatest Hard Rock songs ever! The way Bon Scott sings the words really creates some suspense and the solos are the best on the album. What a way to end this classic!


Now that I've almost finished the review I am wondering why I need to write it in the first place. Everybody should own this classic already and if not, run to the bloody store right away! Even non rock fans often love this album!


Sadly, Bon Scott is no longer with us, he died only a short time after the release of this album, in 1980. I didn't harm the band however; follow-up "Back In Black" (now with Brian Johnson on vocals) is an even bigger classic, the 2nd best selling album ever, only having Michael Jackson in front of them. I personally like this one better though! (Online March 4, 2005)

Milan Elkerbout

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